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Today’s Goal- Justify Your Job

It’s hard to take over the world when you sleep 20 hours a day.
Darby Conley

I would say that I haven’t had time to write because things have been so hectic, but… that would be a lie. Something I’m trying to avoid on here. Truth is- I was too tired/lazy/bored to write anything useful. So I didn’t try.

Not that I have much to say now either, but at least I’m back at work. And yes, I caught up on over a week’s worth of work in 3 hours. Not bad. Not good either.

I’m sure there is more work for me to be doing. Though I can’t for the life of me figure what it could be. It isn’t that I’m lazy at work. It is just that I get things done so damn fast. Of course I skip about 80% of the steps that some other OCs do, but I consider them useless after about a week. 😛 I’m not doing brain surgery or solving world hunger over here.

I’m answering emails. Posting pictures. Uploading new information. Updating old information.

You know- the drudge’s work. 🙂

I know there are a lot more CEOs, Managers, and Supervisors that are tech savvy coming into the business world. Many think that they don’t need an OC, Administrator, or Secretary. But the truth of the matter is- they do.

You know when you call the office and some poor guy answers the phone who says they’ll pass the message along then you never hear from that person again. That’s an office without an OC. You know when you get the line that your paperwork that you sent via email got lost. That is an information center without an OC.

There is no one who is actually doing the information management. There is no one who is actually seeing that messages get to where they are supposed to go. There is no one who is actually ensuring that emails are forwarded to the right person.

Hell, most of the time you have to wade through the machines before you get to that poor guy who barely has the telephone connection to be understandable.

For the most part the job of being the Information Manager has been rolled up into other jobs that fall under the umbrella term of customer service. That is like saying the traffic cop’s job is under the umbrella term of homicide. Two vastly different systems.

I think I’ll stop this line of thinking. It sounds way too much like I’m trying to become a politician. I’m good, but I’m not that good. 😛


I’m not THAT old…yet

When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere. –Francois de La Rochefoucauld

I had a shock yesterday. Something that until this event wasn’t the normal experience for me. It left me feeling…amused and slightly troubled.

Someone took my advice seriously.

Now I’ve given advice countless times in the past about alot of subjects. Generally in the computer or relationship columns, but I have done other types. Usually my advice is politely taken, but not with awe or grateful proclamations. Nor is it often seen as serious.

Yet yesterday my advice was sought after twice by different people. Both probably older than I am, but still they took it seriously. And I mean very seriously. It kind of shocked me for a moment.

Then it made me feel really really old.

I think the reason this event made me feel old is because I tend to still think of myself without an age attached. I literally have to stop and do math every time someone asks me how old I am.

Every. Time. 😛

Even with all the silver hairs that are popping up in my hair (which has been going on for nearly 10 years or more now) don’t tell me I’m old when I look in the mirror. I still look basically the same. I have the same features in any event. I feel the same emotionally. And yes, I still have the attention span of a flea sometimes.

But over all…

Until something like a person taking my advice seriously comes along I don’t feel any different from when I was 17.

Maybe I should avoid going to work for awhile. 😛

To Love or Hate

Dealing with network executives is like being nibbled to death by ducks.-Eric Sevareid

I could say that I haven’t had a Bad Boss in my working life. But I would be lying. Every boss is a Bad Boss. It is just the level/flavor of the boss that determines how I feel about them.

There are the bosses that won’t tell you anything then blame you for not doing what they were thinking. LG (a former boss lady) did this frequently enough that I began to read her mind when it came to certain things.

Her husband (TD) on the other hand was more of the passive/aggressive/accuser type. He would say that you hadn’t done something. Or that what you were doing was totally stupid. A nice German boy. 😉

Carlotta, nice German girl, was similar in that she was passive/aggressive sometimes. She would get hung up on a little detail and never forget it. I hope she isn’t like that with the kids. Nice enough lady, just overworked and underpaid like everyone else in a tourist town.

And then there are the psychotic ones. Like The Lady and Sinister Sherry with Sidekick Sandy. They’ll say one thing then do another. They will demand you turn over your life for minimum wage without even blinking.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that when you own a business you just gave up your life for money. Well, money after 5 years of all work no play and no money. I guess I would be a bitch too after that.

But I won’t ever have to worry about. 🙂

Random thoughts about nothing

You are not superior just because you see the world in an odious light. -Vicomte de Chateaubriand

Well, the Great Experiment has hit a bit of snag. Not a big one though. I’ll just have to borrow JJ’s laptop to work with pictures for the tours. Like I said nothing that big. 🙂

Lyo is coming to my work for lunch and bringing Dairy Queen. So the day is definitely looking up. 😀 And he will be making dinner tonight too so I don’t have to. Sometimes I’m a very lucky girl.

I’ve also got my phone and speakers to work nicely together. So now there is music at work wherever I go. 😛

And if you couldn’t tell I just don’t have much to say today. I’m back to the mundane life I’ve come to love. That doesn’t mean that I don’t poke at it when it gets too stale… everyone needs a bit of excitement every once in awhile.  My plan is to have some excitement next month.

A 4 day weekend with nothing to do but wander around in a city I know, but not well enough. And of course there will be shopping, but not for the normal trinkets that you see in tourist traps. 😉 No, my taste runs a bit to the left and right of things.

Not to say that I can’t find a use for some of the tourist stuff. I’ve managed to have a few totem pieces that have come from from tourist shops. And they are unique enough that I brought them home long before I knew what I needed them for.

I guess sometimes you find the object and sometimes the object just jumps into your pocket.

In any event- back to the grind stone. 😛

I’ll try…then I’ll fail

Say what you will about the Ten Commandments, you must always come back to the pleasant fact that there are only ten of them.
-H. L. Mencken

While I often bemoan the fact that life doesn’t have any hard and fast rules by which I can live I’m really really glad that it doesn’t.

And yes I can have two opposing points of view at the same time. 🙂 I really can. Just ask Lyo sometime. 

I love order, but chaos drives me to let go of narrow ways. Just check out my library. Who else would have Christine Feehan next to Robert Jordan and Clive Cussler next to Dean Koontz. Not to mention Terry Brooks next to Terry Pratchett.

I love the warmth of summer and still crave the dark nights of winter. And no, summer nights are totally different. They are too short for one thing. 😉

And I drink Orange Juice to settle an upset stomach. 

Work has been… interesting…I think that is the word I’m looking for. I’m getting comfortable in the new office and with the people that work there. Of course it doesn’t hurt that I seem to have a knack for impressing people. I don’t know how I do that either. 

Most of the stuff I do at work is pretty easy (for me). A lot of computer troubleshooting, some emailing, a little working with software, and random office clean up and tasks. Nothing major that I’m aware of. But people are impressed…and that is worrisome.

Not enough of a worry to make me go learn something else about computers. But still worrisome. 😛

But life is good. 😀

So hopefully this time I won’t poke at it until something goes wrong. I’m good at doing that too. But I don’t need bad times. Not right now. And not until I get official work. 

Interesting people

If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.-Abraham Maslow

I have been hearing this quote a lot lately. It seems to pop up in books, movies, tv shows, hell I’m surprised that it hasn’t come up in a song yet. 😛 I won’t be shocked if it does at some point though. 

So far the Linux experiment has hit only a few snags. For which I’m grateful. I expected them, but these are minor compared to some of the problems I could have had. Maya didn’t workout because of a faulty install problem. So I’m back down to Julia. I may try for 11 or 12 or maybe Nadia, but I’ll leave well enough alone for the time being. 

I’m good at that. Leaving things alone as they are instead of trying to make them better. But in all honesty… why mess with something that is working?

Bad question though. Because if you don’t try to improve how something works then we wouldn’t have things like faster computers or smaller cell phones. I know this, but sometimes leaving well enough alone seems like a really good idea.

Especially if you want to get along with people. Granted that isn’t the highest priority on my list, but it is one that effects my job. And Fran makes it….interesting sometimes.

Fran is a local gal that is older than me by 50 years (I’m guessing). Used to be a stable figure in the community. An artist. And generally likable…. when she is on her meds. 

Otherwise she is very outspoken and often mistakes people as sounding boards for past grievances. And when I say outspoken I mean hissing, cursing, shaking fists, chasing people with pitchforks (or machinery), and generally letting people know that the world is against her.

I’m not sure why, but she likes me. And will often come into where I work just to chatter away about the people in my building.  Usually not the nice chatter.

All I know is that I want to make sure I stay on the ‘good’ side for awhile. I don’t need to look over my shoulder one day to find her there with a sharp yard tool. 😛 

Let lies be

Partying is such sweet sorrow.
-Robert Byrne

When are you honest? When does being honest hurt your chances at a job/relationship/etc?

There really isn’t a good answer if you think of yourself as an honest person in the traditional sense of honor (meaning being good/noble/etc.). Either you admit to lying a touch (or more) or you are willing to risk yourself by answering a question completely honest.

Now I know where I fall on that scale. It depends on the person but I will do both…just not at the same time. Like with Buck when he asked me about my old job. I liked it. I had fun with it. And I got fired for violating the confidential information clause in my contract. (That was the reason The Lady gave. I still don’t know what the hell I did to violate it.)

Now normally if the person was a potential employer I wouldn’t tell them about the fired bit. I would simply say that I was let go. But Buck and JJ have been dealing with The Lady’s bad graces longer than I have so I wasn’t all that concerned about tell him.  Even if he is a potential employer.

Then during the nightly entertainment with Lyo. He teases me and asks if I’ve ever lied to him. And I said not that I can remember. Not the best answer in the world, but an honest one. And gods am I glad my memory only goes back a week or two before it makes a leap to my teen years. 😀

See I do believe in being honest. Just not all the time. 😛 And definitely not all the time. Gods know what kind of trouble I could get into with an attitude like that. Though I did have it at one time. ~shudders~ Luckily I’m lazy and it only lasted a day or two. Sometimes it is just better to let the lie be the truth for some people.


The things we envy

I have too much respect for the idea of God to make it responsible for such an absurd world.  -Georges Duhamel

Well given everything…I would say that this isn’t a bad day. I’ve definitely had worse. And in fact aside from a few bumps in the road…I’d say not bad at all. 🙂

I would say that I’m taking this whole thing well, but in all honesty I’m probably just waiting for the other anvil to drop. Right now I’m just doing small work to keep me busy until I can get hired, but it is enough…or at least I hope so. We really haven’ talked about what kind of money I’ll be making and that always leaves me a little worried.

But I’m doing my best to be the same ME I was before I got accused of passing along company secrets. Or whatever the hell they say I’m doing. But now I know how that atmosphere of theirs got to be as toxic as it is.

You’re not allowed to even be on friendly terms with people who leave the office. Which is a shame. But oh well. 😛 I don’t have to talk to them. Not even the one I supply V2 to. But I’ll give it a shot because I told JonBoy I would.

JJ’s new office is SWEET! They have a real reception area. A real receptionist desk. And more than one bathroom! (Yes that does deserve a mention.) I love the colors. I love the wood floor. And honestly there is a ton of space that they haven’t gotten around to using yet. 😀 It is really really nice.

I’m going to be envious if anyone else gets that job when it comes up.

Now all I have to do is get the equipment in working order and we’ll see where I end up.

Just when I was working up the nerve…

Sometimes you just know when things are going to go wrong. You know that the deck is so stacked against you that it isn’t worth playing your hand.

And sometimes that is the best situation to be in.

So bad news is that I got fired. The Lady is very very …how do  you say psychotic nicely? She’s that. 🙂 She claimed in my termination letter that I had violated the confidential information clause. In other words- I kept talking to JJ after she left the company and The Lady assumes it was about company business. When in fact I was talking to her about v2.

But I learned that trying to prove something to a psychotic person who believes it is a pointless exercise. 

Besides JJ has offered me a job with her company. So now that I’m fired I don’t have to give two weeks notice and work with people mad or pissed at me.

Not a bad start to the week considering. 😀

Another day, Another war

Sometimes ya gotta do stuff ’cause it’s expected of ya, not ’cause of anything else.
-Laura Moncur

Well this week will be interesting. I’m not sure if that is interesting bad or interesting good, but it will be interesting. The Lady has decreed I work in another office this week and possibly next. I don’t work well in new environments….with people I don’t know….with equipment that isn’t mine…

Yeah, I’m not looking forward to this. ~shrugs~

I guess The Lady called JJ last night and it may or may not have turned into a blame game. Though from what I know- The Lady did say something about legal action.

So I find myself wondering what the hell is going on and how it is going to effect the rest of my week? The answers are not all that comforting so far. In fact since I’m a doom/gloom person I can say that the options are looking more and more like I’m going to lose my job before I even get a warning that they are shutting my office down.

This is actually not as alarming as it probably sounds. I have a job offer that I’m waiting on to see if I even stay with this company to begin with. But that office is new and they may have to wait a month or two before I can start work so it isn’t as if I’m in danger of being jobless.

I did that once.

Once was enough.

We’ll see how this plays out. I’m just hoping that it takes a month or two before anything that impacts me too much takes effect. I can hope anyways. 😀

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