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Okay somethings do change, just not all that much

No good deed goes unpunished.-Clare Booth Luce

Well, now that the holidays are finally over maybe I can finally relax a bit. I doubt it, but it is worth a shot. And speaking of no good deeds… one of my own is coming back to bite me in the ass.

One of the things that Lyo and I disagree on is dealing with people who want to use me for something. Lyo is all for giving people multiple opportunities to use himself. He tends to call these people friends (or something close to it). For myself- I tend to avoid people who want to use me for something… anything really.

Allow me to introduce you to Sybil. She is Madre’s twin (not by birth but by deed). Growing up Sybil was convinced I was the devil’s advocate and lead her child (a very very good friend of mine) astray. In fact the only thing Sybil and Madre agreed upon was to keep the two of us apart. Which worked out really well… for them.

Long story short here- after Jax died Sybil decided that I would be her new friend.

I’m serious here.

She tracked me down at my job and we went out for lunch. (At these point in my life I was more interested in the next meal than I was being friendly with her, but still I know I opened the door here.) And ever since any time she happens to be in the same area or building she makes a point of stopping by to see me.

Yesterday though was a first- she tracked down Lyo.  😛 While he was at work. Now he wants me to be nicer to her. >_<  He seems to think that the way I live my life these days is closer to what Sybil wanted for Jax. More conventional is how he worded it. He also commented that she seemed to be a really nice lady.

Yes, and a snake is pretty to look at until it bites your hand too.

I’m actually more amused by the whole thing rather than annoyed with Lyo or Sybil.


Because watching/listening to someone go from “she’s the devil’s child” to “I’m so proud of you” is hilarious no matter who you are. 🙂


Thanks for the thought, but I’d rather have Summer

Everything happens to everybody sooner or later if there is time enough.-George Bernard Shaw

Well the fun just never stops here. That is if you count fun as a Medical Mysteries Marathon. 😛 This time around however it isn’t myself who is going through the Triple M. This time it is much worse. Lyo is having to go through it.

Just before the Day to Pig Out we ended up having to rush Lyo to the hospital to see if he needed surgery. Thank the gods he didn’t, but that was about the only good news for the next couple of days. (That and we did have our Pig Out dinner.) The worrying news is that we still don’t know what is wrong with him.

In the morning he is fine. Then at some point during the day he goes down hill. Some days not so far, but other days it is all the way straight to hell. 😦

Thursday is the test to rule out his gallbladder. After that I think it is Liver and then the Pancreas. We’ve already tested the stomach, but nothing there that would explain his symptoms. ~sighs~

And just because the universe is in a giving mood- I may see snow in my little corner of hell before the week is out. o_O When you live next to the ocean you don’t see snow very often if at all. Oh well. Maybe I can use my car as a sled soon. 😉

Only 61 more days till Spring!

And let there be light….


Then bone crushing cold. Don’t forget to add the skate rink that was once a highway. And of course there is always the flu. 😛

But that is winter at the coast. At least that is what it seems like this time around. I’m used to rain and temperatures that don’t make it above 48 for winter, but this is getting old quickly. How the hell do people put up with this?

And just for the record, while I may be a cold-wimp, I can tolerate temperatures down to the 20s in snow country without complaint. 

This stuff however is not just cold…it is cold. Take a wet blanket, stick it in the freezer overnight, then take it out- wrap it around you. Then stand inside a walk in frig all day. That kind of cold. 😦

Ah well…it isn’t all so bad. It gives one a chance to stand out under a crystal clear sky- the kind you only see when camping out in the wild. And spectacular moon-rises that come along only in winter. 😀

So yeah…it might still be dark outside and freezing. But come on…with a little hot chocolate and heavy jackets…its almost  like summer. 😛

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