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I should stay of the documentary channel

This is like becoming an archbishop so you can meet girls.
M. Cartmill

So I learned something new about a group of people I never really bothered to look closer at (bad on me I know). I learned what their version of Heaven is supposed to be like. And I can say three things about it.

  1. I don’t care how well the women get along- at least once a month all of them are going to be pissy. Nothing the guy or them can do about it except walk on nails and pray you don’t hit the sharp one. (I can tell you now that this doesn’t work even in a one woman household.)
  2. I don’t want another world to rule. I have this one and it is working out very nicely thank you. Besides- how fucked up do you want a world to be? 😉 I’m just not the loving kind goddess type… destruction, death, plague, and misery maybe, but definitely not loving and kind.
  3. I don’t care how wrong some prophet thinks it is. If my salvation rests in blindly following some pompous, narrow minded ass that doesn’t think everyone deserves to play by the same rules- then I’m not so sure that I want that salvation.

I had to stop watching the documentary before I started throwing things at the TV. Knocking a wall mounted TV onto a few hundred dollars worth of DVDs is not something I want to do or replace. 😛

However it did get me thinking. Not about the differences and bullshit that some people spout, but about those of them that I think of as friends. Well, more Lyo’s friends than mine, but still. I thought about it.

I thought about how can someone truly believe that every single person who doesn’t believe as they do will go to hell? Even the ones who have never heard your version of The Truth.

I thought about the people who refuse to talk to family (sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, etc) because of how they believe.

And I thought about all the broken lives that have been caused or helped by belief.

I haven’t really come to any conclusion about beliefs and the why behind some people’s actions/words. I don’t think I ever really will. It puzzles me so I’ll keep thinking about it until I’ve gone in so many circles that they become squares.



The Question

I always find it more difficult to say the things I mean than the things I don’t.

W. Somerset Maugham


So I tend to have conversations with myself concerning just about everything. Politics, people in general, a person, an emotion, a random thought that passes through my head, or anything else. But basically it boils down to trying to answer The Question.


That’s it. There isn’t a follow up to it like ‘why this and not that’. It is just Why. Sometimes I can come up with a concrete answer, or what I think is concrete, only to have that pesky question pop up again. I can think something is fact and then promptly after asking The Question I can talk myself right out of it again.

I’m the same way in debates. I will constantly change sides to keep the dialogue going. My best example of this would be when I was on jury duty a few years back. It was a simple DUI case being that the cop said yes the guy said no, and no one was injured during the whole event. Well at the time I was working a job that did not have vacation or sick leave so when I missed work my check was really really small. And with a check that is very very small you can’t really afford to buy groceries. That being the case I wanted the court to buy me lunch (maybe it was dinner I can’t really remember :D) to make up a little of what I had lost.

In any event out of the 12 people there 3 thought he was not guilty and the other 8 that he was. I was an undecided. 🙂 So I took the side of not guilty. Pretty soon we were 8 not guilty and 4 guilty. Enter Evil Me. I switch sides and begin to pull people back toward the guilty side. For a simple case we managed to stay in debate for about 4 hours. In fact the court was even thinking of sending us home for the night and coming back the next day. 😛 So we took one last vote and found the guy not guilty…which he was.

It may have been mean of me to prolong the verdict just to get something out of it, but I love debates. Talking to people and hearing their point of view on something.


Because if I didn’t I’d never learn something new.


Because you have to expose your mind to new things otherwise you stay the same. Staying the same means that nothing changes. If nothing changes then life would be very boring.


Because you didn’t do/see/learn/feel something new. Maybe the world is boring, but I haven’t gotten to see and do everything yet so I’ll keep trying it to.



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