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Another day, Another war

Sometimes ya gotta do stuff ’cause it’s expected of ya, not ’cause of anything else.
-Laura Moncur

Well this week will be interesting. I’m not sure if that is interesting bad or interesting good, but it will be interesting. The Lady has decreed I work in another office this week and possibly next. I don’t work well in new environments….with people I don’t know….with equipment that isn’t mine…

Yeah, I’m not looking forward to this. ~shrugs~

I guess The Lady called JJ last night and it may or may not have turned into a blame game. Though from what I know- The Lady did say something about legal action.

So I find myself wondering what the hell is going on and how it is going to effect the rest of my week? The answers are not all that comforting so far. In fact since I’m a doom/gloom person I can say that the options are looking more and more like I’m going to lose my job before I even get a warning that they are shutting my office down.

This is actually not as alarming as it probably sounds. I have a job offer that I’m waiting on to see if I even stay with this company to begin with. But that office is new and they may have to wait a month or two before I can start work so it isn’t as if I’m in danger of being jobless.

I did that once.

Once was enough.

We’ll see how this plays out. I’m just hoping that it takes a month or two before anything that impacts me too much takes effect. I can hope anyways. 😀


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