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Present, but not accounted for

Isn’t it fascinating how long a few minutes seem when you are completely alone with not a familiar face in sight?
Kirby Larson

Well, I’m betting you thought I was gone forever…or at least until next year when I finally get my ass in gear again.


I’m back. Even though it may be only for a little while. Things just got too…involved to consider writing. And let’s face it. Between work and not doing much aside from studying and drinking there hasn’t been a hell of a lot to write about. Just one of those things that goes to show you that yes my life really is that boring. 😛

But work has finally slowed down enough to the point that I can sit down and write a few words.

So it looks like Lyo and I will be able to take the Gypsy Trailer with us for the trip. Which in itself is a small miracle. It doesn’t really look like what I thought was intended, but then again I have a lousy imagination when it comes to concept design. Lyo says it looks pretty much the way he envisioned it so I’ll take his word for it. 😉

The only thing left to do is to pack and cook the meals. ~sighs~ Still alot considering the time frame I’ve got. Still, there is nothing like a deadline to get me moving. 😀


How the fun flies…

Beware of no man more than yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us.
G. K. Chesterton

I have to admit that my greatest weakness is thinking I can fool people. I do it quite often and am always surprised if/when I get caught. Sometimes I’m not even aware that I’m attempting to fool someone. It is an automatic response when I don’t want you to know something about me or have you interfere with my life.

These deceptions are often called white lies. To remain polite and conversational I have employed white lies to joke/end a line of questions/become friendly with others.

I did this over the last holiday at a party where I knew most of the people there in one way or another. It is also how I learned of a small rumor that I may try to prove or disprove in the near future.

The rumor is that Madre moved out of my grandfather’s house and is living in the valley somewhere. And that she rented out my grandfather’s house.

Now I’m not concerned about Madre, but I am concerned about my grandfather. He wasn’t in the best of shape when I last saw him (about a year or more ago). And I don’t put it past Madre to bury him without telling anyone about it. Not that I mind missing the funeral, but it would have been nice to be able to attend the graveside service.


In other news- the walls to the Gypsy Trailer are finally up and the bones for the roof are in place. Now Lyo has to face his worst fear in summer. A trip north to the closest Home Depot. 😛 I would look forward to it, but I’m pretty much broke again. That and the place I buy coffee won’t be open unless we go during the week, but that would mean cutting into my drinking time. 😦

Yeah, I’m still drinking. Not as much nor as often, but enough to do the job. 😉

You to?

I’m worried that the universe will soon need replacing. It’s not holding a charge.
Edward Chilton

Where did the weekend go? And why the hell didn’t I spend it at the beach?

Oh yeah, the beach was windy and I hate sand blowing in my face. Plus the water is too damn cold. And add on top of that I decided that my goal was to mow/weed whack the yard.

Doesn’t sound too hard does it. But try adding a 80% slope to the mix that is badly terraced. That and I’m allergic to grass when it is cut. Yech.

But the good news is that I did most of the work. Now I just have to get the other 1/2 of the slope done. And Lyo built 2 out of 4 walls for the trailer. Maybe we will get it done by this season’s trip. 🙂

Then again I’m not holding my breath. It just doesn’t seem like that good of an idea right now. 😛

I also discovered something else this weekend. I am totally out of shape. Not a little. Totally. ~sighs~ I know I let myself get this way, but it is still a bitch to realize just how out of shape I’ve become. There is little else in the world that can leave a person feeling so low as when you walk up a little incline and go to your knees at the end.

I’m actually disgusted by it. Which makes me more resolved to take the bike out of storage and get to riding again. 2 miles once or twice a week has got to be better than nothing right?


Seems every time I get a little exercise I end up gaining 5 pounds. (And in what world is that even close to being fair?!) But I’m willing to give it a shot. 🙂

In other news-

It seems as if the Hunt is over for a while. 😦 At least until my back and hip stop aching and I can figure out why the hell the left side of my abdomen is freaking out.

But on the bright side…Summer came early. 😀

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