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Adventures to plan


I have fallen out of practice again. Not just in writing, but in my spiritual life as well. And the longer I wait the harder it is going to be to get back into it.

So I need a challenge. An adventure that will scare the hell out of me. ~grins~ Why scare and not thrill? Because I want my adventure to end up with me being stronger and pushing forward. For me thrills just mean that I enjoyed myself and that I probably won’t do it again. Odd but true. I’m not a thrill seeker by any stretch of the imagination so that just leaves giving myself a challenging adventure.

But what adventure? That is the crossroads I’m standing in the middle of.

Should the adventure be someplace I go? Something I do? Should it be internal adventure (trust me going through my head/heart could be one)?

Maybe figure out something that does all 3?



So another resolution this year is to explore the world of Pagan celebrations. Something that I haven’t done in the past or really even thought about until recently. And what started me thinking about holidays? Well to be honest my thought process went something like this-

Thought 1: Calorie counting for the day

Thought 2: Zodiac postings

Thought 3: Exs and the signs they fell under.

Thought 4: What was the sign of the last one?

Thought 5: Elemental reference of signs

Thought 6: Anniversary

Thought 7: Lyo’s birthday

Thought 8: Celebration of birthday/holidays/random

Thought 9: Oh…Pagan holidays….

Thought 10: Fashion TV show…

Thought 11: Mini keyboard for Thrive

Sometimes I’m amused by what my brain does when I don’t make it focus. ~wry grin~

In any event after that process I did go and look up what Imbolc historically means. Thank the gods that Wikipedia was back up. It gave me a brief idea of how Imbolc came about and how it is celebrated. And of course me being ME- I take what I want from it. (Honestly I don’t think I’m that unique in doing this, but sometimes I catch a lot of flack for it.) But basically I’m taking it as a celebration of Light.

Now comes the fun part.

What is Light?

Not just the illumination of the world around me, but at the core…what is Light?

Now perhaps I read too much into what is supposed to be a celebration of winter being nearly over, but I don’t think so…to me Light is so much more than illumination of the world. Though if I really wanted to be complicated I could go the route of saying that Light is illumination of not only the physical but the spiritual as well. But I don’t want to get that far off…at the moment.

One of the core beliefs for me is that there is Balance between Opposites. And since I lean more toward the Darker side of things I tend to view this not so much as a Celebration of Light, but a Gracious Parting of Darkness. THAT makes sense to me. Where are Light doesn’t really do all that much for me.

I know I said that this year I was going to try to be a bit different (I did say that right?) but it still has to make sense. I’ve had more experience with Yin than I have had with Yang. So it makes sense that I would lean more toward that side of things. ~wry grin~

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