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I should stay of the documentary channel

This is like becoming an archbishop so you can meet girls.
M. Cartmill

So I learned something new about a group of people I never really bothered to look closer at (bad on me I know). I learned what their version of Heaven is supposed to be like. And I can say three things about it.

  1. I don’t care how well the women get along- at least once a month all of them are going to be pissy. Nothing the guy or them can do about it except walk on nails and pray you don’t hit the sharp one. (I can tell you now that this doesn’t work even in a one woman household.)
  2. I don’t want another world to rule. I have this one and it is working out very nicely thank you. Besides- how fucked up do you want a world to be? 😉 I’m just not the loving kind goddess type… destruction, death, plague, and misery maybe, but definitely not loving and kind.
  3. I don’t care how wrong some prophet thinks it is. If my salvation rests in blindly following some pompous, narrow minded ass that doesn’t think everyone deserves to play by the same rules- then I’m not so sure that I want that salvation.

I had to stop watching the documentary before I started throwing things at the TV. Knocking a wall mounted TV onto a few hundred dollars worth of DVDs is not something I want to do or replace. 😛

However it did get me thinking. Not about the differences and bullshit that some people spout, but about those of them that I think of as friends. Well, more Lyo’s friends than mine, but still. I thought about it.

I thought about how can someone truly believe that every single person who doesn’t believe as they do will go to hell? Even the ones who have never heard your version of The Truth.

I thought about the people who refuse to talk to family (sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, etc) because of how they believe.

And I thought about all the broken lives that have been caused or helped by belief.

I haven’t really come to any conclusion about beliefs and the why behind some people’s actions/words. I don’t think I ever really will. It puzzles me so I’ll keep thinking about it until I’ve gone in so many circles that they become squares.



Advice, Vice… same thing right?

Patterning your life around other’s opinions is nothing more than slavery.
Lawana Blackwell

Some people just never give up. And I can applaud the effort it takes to defend a point of view that is dear to the heart. I mean how can a person sit there and tell me with a straight face that because they believe something is wrong I should follow their rules?

Like I said, I applaud the effort. But I laugh my ass off behind my polite smile.

So the LDS church is trying something new to convert me. 😛 Instead of sending in young boys (17-19 yr olds) or The Annoying they are now sending Lyo and I young girls. So far- nothing overly pushy. Just a question about the church here or how I was raised there. ~shrugs~ Nothing really.

But they are coming back next weekend or the weekend after (I have to get to the phone before Lyo does this time) for dinner (Lyo and his big mouth) and to discuss a movie they left for us to watch. ~sighs~ No I’m not going to watch it. I have other things I’m supposed to be doing that I’m putting off to watch tv or lay in the sun.

Speaking of the sun- we are finally seeing summer! 80-90 degree temperatures. Light breeze. Blue sky. And the best part…. I don’t have to work with the idiots that come to town. 😀

I’m sorry but if you bring 3 screaming kids down and let them run into the highway or into me while I’m on the beach I’m not going to be happy. If you get snarky with me because there are 5 other people ahead of you I’m going to get annoyed. If you are 40 years old and start cussing me out because your ice tea has ice in it I’m going to get pissed. If you are 18-35 and think it is still cute to comment on breasts, asses, and sun tans with whistles/howls/etc I will want to rearrange a body part of yours. And if you insist on wearing your hat to the side to pretend to be some dumb shit from a music video I will try to hit you in the back of the head like a Gibbs Slap.

So here is some free advice.

1. Try to be polite. Even if your customer service person is a dipshit that is no reason to take it out on anyone else. If they are really bad, just cancel the order and leave. No one is holding a gun to your head to make you stay.

2. Remember that the driver next to you/behind you/in front of you may be armed. The chances are even better if there is a gun rack showing through the window. Tail gating is not the best plan. Passing on a blind corner or double yellow line is not a plan as much as it is suicide attempt. We will all get to where we are going sooner and safer if you just take a deep breath.

3. If you can’t keep up with the posted speed limit PULL OVER. Remember that the car coming up behind you may be that one asshole that will push you off the road right by the cliff or into on coming traffic. Be nice and pull over. You’ll get your nice quiet drive. And we get to go to work on time. And yes sometimes that is life or death situation.

4. Don’t go swimming in the ocean. I know it sounds like a great idea, but if you haven’t done it then don’t. You are not quite ready for the bone numbing cold that is our ocean here. You may have swum in the ocean in California, Hawaii or even in Southern Oregon. Trust me- it is different here. You aren’t ready. And if you haven’t dealt with a rip tide don’t go out period.

Though if you want to make me really happy- just send money and stay home. You’ll have a great vacation without travel and we all make money down here.


Are you willing to question

Love is the difficult realization that something other than oneself is real.-Iris Murdoch

I’ve come to realize what my biggest problem with organized religion is. It is that one person’s opinion rules a lot of people. You aren’t really supposed to think for yourself you are just supposed to do what they tell you like a good little follower.

Now I’m not saying that this actually works in the real world. Seems everyone has an opinion about one thing or another that conflicts with their beliefs. And I’m all for that. Hell, I’ll help it along if I can. 🙂

But it is the idea that so many people would put where their souls will go into the hands of one person kind of creeps me out.

Why can’t you be gay?
Why can’t you have magic?
Why can’t you have more than one spouse?

Some would say that the people who believe what they are told to believe are sheep. That isn’t exactly true to me. Because if they were really sheep then they would never disagree with what their leader says. I think of them as less dominant. After all they still have the teeth they were born with.

I’m more of a cherry picker when it comes to religion. Nearly all religions have something good that I can get from them… and have in my wandering. 🙂 I’ve also had that term mean something not so nice, but since it is what I do- I can’t really complain. I’ve even had eclectic  pagans call me that before which is kind of funny considering where they are coming from.

But the way I look at it. We all do it. Christians, Pagans, Muslims, and everyone else I’m sure. We pick what we want from the religions we follow and run with it. The good or the bad.

I’ve met very few who will actually take all of it as it is. The good and the bad. And the few that I’ve met are kind of scary in their acceptance of everything they believe. It has gotten to the point that I don’t know which is scarier- the people who choose to put their souls into one man? Or the ones who truly believe?

I just hope that those who don’t believe that everyone should follow the same path get some more backbone soon.

Timing can be everything

Treat the other man’s faith gently; it is all he has to believe with. His mind was created for his own thoughts, not yours or mine.
-Henry S. Haskins

There are many people I respect that have religion of one kind or another. They range from the Christian right on through dead religions and even the religious beer drinker. The one thing that they share in common is that they do not try to force me into thinking their way. And not in the ‘oh you’ll go somewhere nasty in the here after’ kind of way. It is more of a ‘okay, this isn’t for you I’ll shut up now’ way.

But I’ve also run across people who continue to push. I’ve heard just about everything from ‘You’ll go to hell’ to ‘I feel so sad for you’. Mainly they try to convince me that by negative emotions that I’m in danger of something. But I will say last night takes the prize for the most…out right blatant use of emotional blackmail I’ve seen from anyone religious.

So a little back story before I go on.

Lyo had joined the LDS (or whatever group it is) quite a few years ago. He hasn’t been an active member for nearly the same amount of time, but these people continue to track him down every time he moves. No big deal really. Most of them are nice. One couple are friends of ours that just got back into the church big time. And a lot of them are young…very young.

And most of them take the option of walking away from me when I tell them that I don’t join groups (I generally leave out the snarky comments of bullshit and the hypocritical morals unless I’m pushed).

But last night I had a lovely encounter with two people who took the prize. Actually I shouldn’t really say anything about her, she didn’t do much talking, but he did.

It started out the same as always but with a slight twist since Lyo and I were married. Basically talking about joining the church and how wonderful it is. Blah, blah, blah. And I reply with a small smile my usual- “not a joiner. I’m good where I am”.

Then came the blackmail.

Lyo has given you this. Lyo has given you that. He wants you to join the church so that you can be with him forever. Because if you don’t then you will never see him in the afterlife.

Now at this point I would like to say that the conversation ended with both of them being thrown out of my house. 🙂

But that didn’t happen. 😦

Nor did I go into all the reasons I think their theory is bullshit.

The reason- Lyo is going through a hard time right now. A lot of personal and professional things have decided that this was the month that they all wanted to come to a head. He doesn’t need his wife erupting into a fountain of arguments and counter points, or physically throwing people out of our home right now.

So I was polite. Mad but polite. And our friends had just lost a bit of the respect I had for them.


Once things calm down and life starts to even out again the next encounter will be very…very different. And yes- there will be another time in the not so distant future when two more will knock on our door. I hope they get a warning from the last two because I don’t intend to let that kind of  blackmail talk in my house again.


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