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I’m kinda depressed now….

I’ve never quite believed that one chance is all I get. –Anne Tyler

I’m still on the fence about what the Gypsy Trailer is going to end up looking like. Lyo keeps trying to add more and more design elements that I don’t think we need. But…I’ll let him keep it some of them…as long as they match what I have in mind.

So the Girls came back the other night to drop off a thank you card for a previous dinner. And of course Lyo is indisposed so I got to talk to them by myself.

Joy. >_<

The conversation started out nice enough. ‘Thanks for dinner…we had a great time…’ blah, blah, blah. And the entire time I’m thinking ‘go away’. No such luck on my end. They really wanted to talk to me about “what we share with people”.

My reply….


“Well we heard you like to read. Can we….”


“Okay well have a great night.”

Gods if it was only that easy. I can almost hear what the next visit is going to be like.

Why is there going to be a next visit?

Because Lyo opened his big mouth again and told them we had to have them over again before they move on to another state in 6 weeks. And I was too far away to kick him. 😉

And to think…in 6 weeks I get to go through this all over again with different players.

Maybe next time they’ll send the Boys. 😛

In other news I guess the Hunt is over. ~sighs~ I didn’t get all of what I was after, but…it was enough. Sometimes you just have to happy with what you get instead of what you want…or at least look forward to another chance at it. 😉


Counting down

If one sticks too rigidly to one’s principles, one would hardly see anybody.
Agatha Christie

I thought that things like communication were supposed to be easier now. So can someone explain to me why it takes 2 full days to write 1 bloody letter?


But Lyo did get a shot yesterday that seems to be working. Not completely but enough so that he got some sleep last night. Which means I finally got some sleep. 🙂

Not enough to actually catch me up, yet just enough so I can do my job. I’ll call it even then.

The other good news is that with Lyo getting better I’ll be able to spend more time on the Hunt. 😛

Yes there is a grin on my lips that looks remarkably like a wolf licking her chops. 😀

It’s good to be ME. 🙂

Timing is never on my side

Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth…Tame the dragon and the gift is yours.  Noela Evans

Well that was another step down. Now we wait for the next step, neurosurgeon consultation. Lyo is still in pain, but not as bad as it was a few days ago. For which I am very thankful. However the pain is increasing again. 😦

After swearing that he would never take two pills again yesterday he asked for two this morning.

Yeah, not good.

In any event it looks like I’m going back to work on Monday if I can trust that Lyo will not do something like go weed the courtyard. I’m not that optimistic. 😛 But what else can I do but go back to work. There isn’t much I can do here. And I may be out sooner rather than later when we go for the consult.

Thank the gods that I’m getting paid from both offices now and I got an increase in pay too. If it wasn’t for that this would hurt alot more financially than it will. There is to something to be said for good people…and a Mate whose job isn’t in jeopardy from long absences. 🙂

In other news-

I guess the Hunt is on hold for the time being. It is hard to go Hunting when you have to play nurse. Not to mention that jumping my Mate would be a pretty bad idea right now. I might get vomit on the sheet. 😛

Good with ketchup- Bad with money

Wisdom is what’s left after we’ve run out of personal opinions.
Cullen Hightower

I don’t know where this side of me was hiding, but I’ve got to admit I’ve missed it the hell out of it. 😀

I’ve started writing again. Though I highly doubt any of it will see the light of day outside of my office at home. And even then it has to be kept behind other books. Yeah. Definitely X rated fun that borders on sickening. 😛 But… that is where my mind wants to be.

Which on one hand can result in interesting dreams that give me ideas. And then on the other hand it results in me being very destructive, usually to myself. ~shrugs~ But since that really isn’t the best option for me anymore…

What I’m really looking forward to is getting back into my art projects. Drawing, taking photos, photo manipulation, and music are all still ahead. The bad news is that summer is just around the corner. Lots of people and very little free time. I keep hoping that as the office gets busy I’ll actually get hired on officially.

I NEED to get hired officially. Right now I am on the bubble. I work for them, but more as a freelance person. Which is great, but really ends up hurting at the end of the year. Not to mention I’m lousy at saving money when it is right there to be spent. 😛

In Gypsy Trailer news-

If you happen to be driving behind a trailer (in a few months) with this saying on the back. Wave and say hi. It might be me or it might be someone who has the same idea. 😀

One down

Curious things, habits. People themselves never knew they had them.
Agatha Christie

The downside to the Hunt is that it is all over too quickly to do me any good. ~sighs~  Maybe I just draw the easily caught ones. I’d like to say that I don’t enjoy the random prey I find, but that would be a very bad lie. 🙂 I’m not likely to actually keep any of them or meet them in real life so what is the point of developing a long term relationship with them?

I suppose I could always come to look at them like friends, but I highly doubt it. It isn’t in me to trust someone enough to be a friend once I’ve seen them as prey. At least not often. I think there have only been 2 or 3 people who have managed to go from prey to lover to friend in all my life (short as it is).

Yes one of them is Lyo, but he never really did hit the radar as strictly prey. Suhrim either and he’s the other. The last one…will be my secret for the moment. 😀 Though I will say he was more Predator than prey just not enough of one to count for much fun. 😛

In any event- I’m still looking for distractions and am likely to be so for awhile. Which is nice to know. 😉

Been awhile

The ability to delude yourself may be an important survival tool.
Jane Wagner

The really important things in life don’t come around until you stop looking for them. At least that is the case with me. If I try to make something important then it all goes to hell. If something just happens to become important then it happened without my interfering with it…or planing on it. I used to call that luck. 🙂

My lucky days may never come around again, but I’m not betting against it. In fact I think my life has been pretty lucky. Yep even the shitty parts were luck in disguise. Seriously. If Madre and those blasted years hadn’t happened then I wouldn’t have been in this dead end town in the middle of Hell. If I hadn’t been in this town then I wouldn’t have met Jax, Suhrim, or Lyo. If I hadn’t met them then I wouldn’t know the different flavors or Love. If I didn’t know how different Love is then I wouldn’t be the person I am.

Of course I don’t know if I never would have known or learned any of this or not in my Other Life. And I’m not sure I care. Chances are that some of my problems would’ve come along for the ride. That fact by itself makes me shudder. If I didn’t have the outlets that I had for my problems things could have been much much worse. Or better. Surprisingly neither option is a happy thought. 😉

But enough sappy.

I’m on the Hunt for a new distraction for the summer. 😀 It will probably be violent one way or another which makes me all sorts of giggly happy. It has been awhile since I’ve had this particular drive…at least a year. Gods that is a long time. But to be fair things have been busy around here. ~stretches~ But…happily summer is coming. And that means all sorts of new tidbits to choose from. ~purrs~



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