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Set Backs are a bitch

You are remembered for the rules you break.Douglas MacArthur

Set backs are frustrating. Not so much because they make me work around a problem or through it, but because I’m an impatient person. Very impatient. ­čÖé

I want things to work out quickly with a fast solution that I can see coming. When I watch a movie I will usually record it just so that I can flip through channels while waiting for the ending of said movie. Or I will fast forward through bits and pieces of the movie so that I can get to the end. And yesI will read the ending of a story just so I know what happens. Then maybe go back and read the actual book.

Unfortunately life doesn’t allow for such short cuts.

Well, I guess it isn’t unfortunate because I’m not sure I’m ready to find out how I die. ­čśŤ But I wouldn’t mind knowing what the otherside is like before I get there. Maybe I won’t have such a bitch of a time with first impressions then.

But right now the only set back I’m annoyed with is that my IBS is trying to flair up. Well, maybe trying is the wrong word. It has flared back up. So I’m back to popping a ┬ámineral supplement that seems to help. But here’s the fun part.

I used to be really good at swallowing pills…food I didn’t like…and now I can’t seem to get these stupid pills down without gagging on them. ~sighs~ And they taste terrible. ­čśŽ

I guess it is what it is. But it is still a set back to my health. One of the few things that can get me to act rather than just bitch about it. If I don’t improve by next month I guess I’ll be off to see a professional. >_< Not a good start to getting out of debt.


Well, on the bright side it has a name now

Every patient carries her or his own doctor inside.-Albert Schweitzer

Okay I think I’m better now. Or at least I’m focusing on a different problem altogether for the moment. Plus it helps that Lyo did apologize for making it sound like the whole thing was my fault. Nothing says ‘I’m sorry’ like admitting you were wrong. ­čśë

So it seems as if my health issues will be ongoing… as in for the rest of my life ongoing. ~sighs~ It seems I have IBS in its Alternating form. ­čśŽ At least that is how the symptoms read when I go through the list. Official confirmation will have to wait until I get back from the Trip. Until then I’m experimenting with different supplements and recently starting taking some Probiotics to control what symptoms I do and will have.

What really bites about IBS is that some of the food/drink they tell you to avoid are my favorites. Caffeine, alcohol, dairy, and of course wheat.

Can someone please tell me what I’ve done in my past lives to deserve this? ­čśŽ

Things aren’t always what they seem

You can’t have a light without a dark to stick it in. –┬áArlo Guthrie

So far the above quote is the best description of what I consider true. But try explaining it to someone and all you get is a puzzled look at best (though the most common reaction is outrage/disbelief/name calling and my favorite- silence).

The quote might also explain why people bitch so much. We are never happy with the way things are. A common saying is that things could always be better.

But what if something can’t be better? How are we to measure ourselves if this is as good as it gets?

I prefer the saying that things could always be worse. ­čÖé

Flat tire? It could be worse it could’ve blown while I was driving.
Dentist visit? It could be worse. I’m not sure how, but at least the dentist I go to isn’t as sadistic as some. ­čśë

Going to Hell? It could be worse. I could just blindly follow rules all my life and still end up there.

Generally, while things could be worse they aren’t. I may bitch and moan that life is boring, but that is only because I don’t have drama going on. I’m just not a soap opera. ­čśŤ Despite this fact some try to make my life (or afterlife) into one.

My favorite line was- ‘You must be miserable away from God’s light’

Nope. Actually I’m happy and relatively healthy.

Speaking of health….just when I thought I was getting over my issues a different but still the same thing comes up. >_< ┬áI’m hoping it was just the pills I was taking that caused the whole thing so I’m laying off them for a day or two… or three. If I get back to what passes for normal within the week I’ll be good. If not…well…I’m not sure what I’ll do. Going to the doctor may actually have to be an option. ~sighs~

Oh well.

Could be worse….


Timing is never on my side

Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouthÔÇŽTame the dragon and the gift is yours. ┬áNoela Evans

Well that was another step down. Now we wait for the next step,┬áneurosurgeon┬áconsultation. Lyo is still in pain, but not as bad as it was a few days ago. For which I am very thankful. However the pain is increasing again. ­čśŽ

After swearing that he would never take two pills again yesterday he asked for two this morning.

Yeah, not good.

In any event it looks like I’m going back to work on Monday if I can trust that Lyo will not do something like go weed the courtyard. I’m not that optimistic. ­čśŤ But what else can I do but go back to work. There isn’t much I can do here. And I may be out sooner rather than later when we go for the consult.

Thank the gods that I’m getting paid from both offices now and I got an increase in pay too. If it wasn’t for that this would hurt alot more┬áfinancially┬áthan it will. There is to something to be said for good people…and a Mate whose job isn’t in jeopardy from long absences. ­čÖé

In other news-

I guess the Hunt is on hold for the time being. It is hard to go Hunting when you have to play nurse. Not to mention that jumping my Mate would be a pretty bad idea right now. I might get vomit on the sheet. ­čśŤ

On it goes

If you have accomplished all that you planned for yourself, you have not planned enough.
Edward Everett Hale

Lyo finally had to break down and get┬áreal painkillers. Which is good because he hadn’t slept in 2 days. He is still without a┬ádiagnosis as of today, but there is a CT scan setup for him in a few hours. He already had the MRI and nothing showed up. Then shingles was thought to be possible given Lyo’s age and the fact that he had chickenpox when he was kid.

But we’ve ruled that out so far since no rash has shown up.

After the CT scan is a visit to a┬áneurosurgeon but that hasn’t been set up yet. And given how well his health insurance company is getting along with the hospital…I’m not sure where we go for the┬áconsultation┬áor when.

Well so much for the up beat news.

I’m still running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before last. And I’ve got another long day ahead of me. Lyo on pain killers is funny when he’s in the hospital. Lyo on painkillers at home is a bad idea.

Why is it that when you take painkillers your memory of being in pain is somehow forgotten?


I think that if I hadn’t been here yesterday he would have tried to go work on the trailer. He was doing all sorts of movements he wasn’t supposed to be doing. Nor should he have been capable of doing them without the painkillers.

I know when I hurt I don’t do that. Of course painkillers don’t really work on me so maybe it is just the drugs.

In which case I really have to talk with whoever decided my biological/chemical makeup. It isn’t fair that I can’t get the same kind of relief with painkillers as others can.


I guess I stick with the vodka. ­čśŤ

Medically Challenged

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing against the medical profession or those that work to create drugs to help the ailing population. I just have a very skeptical outlook on life in general (especially when it comes to the human species). 


I am medically challenged.

I have a high tolerance for pain killers without ever having been on them long enough to build up that tolerance.┬áSome might think that drugs were involved in this somehow. But aside from the pot I did maybe 6 times in my teens and 20s (can’t say I didn’t try to like it) and maybe experimenting with cold medication once- drugs have never been my thing. Drinking and smoking has. In fact until recently I would’ve said that they were my biggest vices that I support. But since moving in with Lyo and finding my current job I haven’t been indulging in my drinking habit frequently (and that has been over a year now). And since I switched to V2 instead of cigarettes I haven’t even had the smoking vice (vaping yes, smoking no).

So drugs wouldn’t explain that quirk of mine. And I’ve met several people who claim to have the same resistance. I say claim because I don’t have their medical history in front of me nor have I lived in their skin to know their lives. (I told you I was a skeptic.)

I don’t respond to antibiotics. This is because during my childhood any sniffle, flu, or cough was treated with antibiotics. (I know you can’t treat the flu with┬áantibiotics, but it never paid to argue with Madre…even when you’re a doctor.) I have now developed an allergic reaction to most antibiotics. One reaction in particular would be considered fun by some, (but I’m too freaked out to even think about testing it) is having┬áhallucinations on┬áErythromycin. Trust me it isn’t fun when you are 5.

Those are a few of things that make me medically challenged. And the doctors that I’ve seen in the past will easily dismiss it as unimportant or worse- that I really am a secret junkie who just happens to pull off looking respectable (gods never thought I’d be saying I look respectable…. ­čśÇ ) better than other.

So I’ve dipped my toe into the waters of home/herbal remedies. And I gotta tell you that I respond better to those than I ever have with modern drugs. For example-

I have some slight nerve damage in my lower back that comes and goes. Best relief I’ve found for when the pain (that never really goes away) gets too bad to ignore… St. John’s Wort,┬áLavender, and Clove. Mix the oils together and rub effected area. That and a hot pad and I’m feeling better in about 1/2 the time without the useless Vicodin. Now of course if the pain is really REALLY bad…add a 1/5 of vodka…drink it though instead of rubbing it on the effected area. Trust me if you drink enough eventually you won’t notice the pain and can function in the home for a good 2-6 hours.

I would also recommend that when you start feeling better you re-train your body in how to move. This can be done in any number of ways but I prefer yoga and bike riding during the summer. Walking is also a pretty good trainer.

My latest foray into the herbal world is working with dandelion root. I’ve been having┬áabdominal trouble for about the last month (right before hunting season) and am now just starting to get it treated. According to WebMD I was highly likely to have IBS, but I don’t think that was it. I think it was just that my diet went from fairly normal- veggies, meat, bread, grain of some kind with a lot of junk food for snacks- to something that looked more like a diet of a true carnivore- 90% meat, 10% liquid.

To treat this constipated condition I’m taking 1+ teaspoon of the root, steeping for about 10 minutes (or longer) and drinking it 3 times a day. I’ve only been doing this for 1/2 a day, but it seems to be working a lot better than the┬ámagnesium crap they sell in stores. Bleh….~shudder~


Makes you kind of wonder….if I know all this stuff about me….why in the hell do I keep trying modern techniques first?

I don’t know. I think I keep trying them because they are supposed┬áto work. Doctors are supposed to have the answers for what is going wrong with your own body. I think that is a cop-out though. ┬áI think we have gotten so used to someone else taking responsibility for our actions that we get very pissed off when they shrug or dismiss our concerns.

I’m going to try to be responsible for my body. Hell, I’ve taken some of the steps necessary for that, but I still need to get it through my skull that it is MY responsibility to know what will work and what won’t work for me.

This could take some time though. ~wry grin~


Pisces Begining

“I seek true intuition and Dreams, Insight to show a clear future path. Let my escapes into daydreams be fruitful, Let the psychic teach me compassion. Help me to remain stable on the illusive path of the spirtiual.”

As always I wonder what this new sign will teach me in our time together. I’m not sure what I’ll learn, but I know it’ll be an experience. ~wry grin~ Especially with everything that seems to have started this month. And of course in the coming time with Pisces there is much going on. Starting tomorrow Lyo will be in surgery then recovery. I have dentist and┬á eye doctor appointment later this month and the end of March. Not to mention I am still experimenting with treatments for my back.

Speaking of whch I think I’ve stumbled onto an enhanced treatment. It builds on what I was already doing- St. John’s Wort- by adding in Lavender and Clove oils. Of course I now smell like someone is baking all the time, but I can sit up right for longer than 2 minutes. The downside is that you do have reapply it every few hours, but it is doable.

As for my diet….it is still going strong. I’m slowly adding in the Y-scores into my Calorie counter (very slowly) but it is working out like I thought it would. I do have that chart if anyone is interested. And at last count I was down to 14 lbs to my goal weight. ~big grin~

All in all….Aquarius was good to me and Pisces is looking to be a fun time as well.

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