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Here we go again

Early morning cheerfulness can be extremely obnoxious.
William Feather

Well, May is shaping up to be about the same as April. Go figure. ūüėõ Lyo is headed for the hospital for a MRI in a bit for his back/hip/leg nerve. Which hopefully will tell him/us what is wrong and how we can fix it.

This isn’t really a bad thing. In fact I should think of it as a good thing. But how likely is that? Not very. I’m worried/pissed because he is hurting and the health field is taking its sweet time getting around to him.

Luckily right now he is on Valium so he doesn’t really care what is going on. I’m hoping that those pills work for awhile. ūüėČ Or at least for the rest of the day so that Lyo can get some sleep. Maybe me too.

I hope so in any event. ūüôā


I’m puzzled


Something has been puzzling me. I’m not sure if the people involved mean to be¬†condescending or if they really and truly believe what they are saying. If it is the latter…I’m not sure how to take it.

This involves the Affordable Health Care Act and Birth Control (including¬†sterilization) in relation to religious organizations. I just want to see if I’ve got this right.

Religious Health Insurers are exempt from providing Birth Control since it is against their beliefs. Okay I get that. Fine. I was a little annoyed when I found out that even if you don’t have religious¬†affiliations, but your insurance does that you are still subject to their¬†exemption.

But now those Religious Health Insurers do not want women they insure to have access to Birth Control from another insurer. 

So I’m left to puzzle.¬†

Is it really that The Religious Health Insurers doesn’t trust that their employees will hold to the company’s or organization’s belief system and will get birth control?

Do they really want to pay for more births?

Is the only way for any Religious Organization to gain more followers is for them to breed them?

And of course- Why in the hell do they get to dictate policy to people who are not even apart of their belief system?

Thank the gods I got this over and done with.

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