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The unplanned events our lives

I am not sincere, even when I say I am not.Jules Renard

Well that was fun. 😛 First off let me say that I am very happy to be home. And the next time I say that I don’t need to bring my laptop somebody kick my ass and beat me over the head with it until I pack it. >_<

Next I need to say a great big huge THANK YOU to the following businesses/people-

Alpine Auto in Joseph Oregon. These people can and will save you hundreds of dollars where another mechanic might take your car for days then not fix the problem.

Rusty Wagons Restorations  in La Grande Oregon. Wayne is an awesome guy. He sees someone in trouble and comes back to help. Not only saving Lyo’s and mine asses, but keeping me from having to spend the night in parking lot without a bathroom.


So what happened?

Well, let me start back over a week ago on Saturday.

Everything was set and packed for our trip over so Lyo could go Elk hunting with the boys (that’s another story). We jump in the rig and take off. We don’t even get 1/2 way to the valley and our van starts to over heat… boiling over and steaming. After limping the poor dear to the nearest gas station we let it rest then limp home. We then spend the rest of the day getting parts so that we can possibly leave late that night or the next day.

Turns out it will be the following day. Stupid fading sunlight and all that. 😉 We get on the road and everything is fine. Until we hit the River’s East side. 😦 We start to hit the red zone a few times. But with a bit of gentle driving we make it to a rest stop for the night. We are relieved, but worried. What could possibly be wrong? And we still have to climb this slalom called Cabbage Hill. Long story short here- we leave at like 3am and get to Joseph then up to camp safely. Thank the gods for favors. 🙂

We bring the van back down after unloading our gear and take our poor vehicle to Alpine Auto (see above). Yay! The van runs great!

So season runs along and everything is okay. Last day one of the group gets an animal so the rest of the day is breaking down the animal and the camp. Lyo and I decide that since it is supposed to snow we’re going to take off.

We get out of Joseph and head for La Grande. We get into Island City and the next thing we know is one of the trailer tires is suddenly gone. There were sparks. There was loud noises. And we were no where near the shoulder. So we have to drag our Gypsy trailer over to the side then spend the next 20-30 minutes hunting down the parts that flew off.

After calling for a tow Wayne stops and offers to help us out since he has a full shop just around the corner. Wayne didn’t charge us for storing our trailer (he even offered to let us stay there for the night) and he tried to short change himself when it came time to pay him.

In any event. We made it home last night (a night late). And now I’ve got a lot of unpacking before I can rest up for work tomorrow. And I’ll tell you about the boys in camp another time. 😀


Yes it is an excuse…

Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines. –John Benfield

Well it seems my hiatus from writing is trying to start early this year. It is the downside of being the only one who writes here. Oh well. 😉

Not much happening in my world these days so I’ll just run through the highlights-

  1. Passed all the final tests so I can finally schedule my national and state exams (if they ever let me).
  2. Kissed the money good bye and sent a check to the state.
  3. Been pissed off at Lyo for putting the Gypsy Trailer ahead of me then blaming ME for the whole bloody thing.
  4. Dug myself out of the hole I dug for myself just in time to dig a new one during November.
  5. Decided on a Zombie themed Halloween this year.

And that has been the excitement and lows for me over the past few weeks/days/however long it has been since I’ve written.

You wouldn’t think that so little can take up so much space in one’s life, but there you go. My excuses for not writing. Pitiful but very very true.

When I get pissed off I’m the last person who will raise their voice and scream about it. Instead I try to talk myself out of it by telling myself that I shouldn’t give a shit or that I don’t need that person. Or that I am being an unreasonable bitch about the whole thing.

That last one is kind of tricky.

I’m predisposed to believing that it really isn’t ME that people are interested in. Rather it is what I can give them as a friend/lover/IT guru/etc. So the more I tell myself that I’m being unreasonable about being pissed the more depressed I can get.

I don’t go nearly as far as I used to, but it is still a big Trigger for me.

Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Hell, let them live with Madre for 3 months and they’ll be ready to slit their own throats. 😛

Good with ketchup- Bad with money

Wisdom is what’s left after we’ve run out of personal opinions.
Cullen Hightower

I don’t know where this side of me was hiding, but I’ve got to admit I’ve missed it the hell out of it. 😀

I’ve started writing again. Though I highly doubt any of it will see the light of day outside of my office at home. And even then it has to be kept behind other books. Yeah. Definitely X rated fun that borders on sickening. 😛 But… that is where my mind wants to be.

Which on one hand can result in interesting dreams that give me ideas. And then on the other hand it results in me being very destructive, usually to myself. ~shrugs~ But since that really isn’t the best option for me anymore…

What I’m really looking forward to is getting back into my art projects. Drawing, taking photos, photo manipulation, and music are all still ahead. The bad news is that summer is just around the corner. Lots of people and very little free time. I keep hoping that as the office gets busy I’ll actually get hired on officially.

I NEED to get hired officially. Right now I am on the bubble. I work for them, but more as a freelance person. Which is great, but really ends up hurting at the end of the year. Not to mention I’m lousy at saving money when it is right there to be spent. 😛

In Gypsy Trailer news-

If you happen to be driving behind a trailer (in a few months) with this saying on the back. Wave and say hi. It might be me or it might be someone who has the same idea. 😀

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