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There I go again…

Never go out to meet trouble. If you will just sit still, nine cases out of ten someone will intercept it before it reaches you.Calvin Coolidge

Well it looks like after this week I might be back on the wagon for a bit. Not because of external pressures, but because it is getting to the point that my resistance is out pacing the number of drinks I can have. Yes, I drink to get buzzed and/or drunk. Preferably buzzed. 😛 So in order to get more with less I have to stop for a while.

And with summer just getting started here in Hell I now have to find something else to drink.


The trouble I go through just to have an altered state of mind.

Of course knowing me… this won’t last all that long. Just long enough. 😉


In other news – equality finally took a step in the right direction, but we’ll see how long that lasts. The only thing I’m curious about is why the hell everyone is so concerned about what others are doing in the bedroom.

Sex is sex and a relationship is a relationship. How does someone else’s sexual practices and relationships affect one that miles away or even in the next apartment?

I know everyone wants to feel special. Some of us blog so that we can feel special (I can think of a few teens on another site that this would apply to). But could we at least pick something else to feel special about?

Marriage isn’t holy union. If it was it wouldn’t have secular status. There also wouldn’t be divorce. But there is. So marriage is a contract that protects both people involved.

I didn’t get married for love. I got married for a house and a way to keep the house if anything ever happens to Lyo. Ask him and he’ll tell you that’s what I did. I stayed with him for 10 years because I love him. I’ll continue to stay with him because I love him. Not because some piece of paper says I should.

If you want marriage to be a holy union I suggest finding another term to call it. Another way to make it… permanent. Like say- tell the spouse that if they divorce they are both going to hell. 😀 I think the LDS does this 1/2 way, but it really should apply to both sexes.

Just a thought.



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