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Okay somethings do change, just not all that much

No good deed goes unpunished.-Clare Booth Luce

Well, now that the holidays are finally over maybe I can finally relax a bit. I doubt it, but it is worth a shot. And speaking of no good deeds… one of my own is coming back to bite me in the ass.

One of the things that Lyo and I disagree on is dealing with people who want to use me for something. Lyo is all for giving people multiple opportunities to use himself. He tends to call these people friends (or something close to it). For myself- I tend to avoid people who want to use me for something… anything really.

Allow me to introduce you to Sybil. She is Madre’s twin (not by birth but by deed). Growing up Sybil was convinced I was the devil’s advocate and lead her child (a very very good friend of mine) astray. In fact the only thing Sybil and Madre agreed upon was to keep the two of us apart. Which worked out really well… for them.

Long story short here- after Jax died Sybil decided that I would be her new friend.

I’m serious here.

She tracked me down at my job and we went out for lunch. (At these point in my life I was more interested in the next meal than I was being friendly with her, but still I know I opened the door here.) And ever since any time she happens to be in the same area or building she makes a point of stopping by to see me.

Yesterday though was a first- she tracked down Lyo.  😛 While he was at work. Now he wants me to be nicer to her. >_<  He seems to think that the way I live my life these days is closer to what Sybil wanted for Jax. More conventional is how he worded it. He also commented that she seemed to be a really nice lady.

Yes, and a snake is pretty to look at until it bites your hand too.

I’m actually more amused by the whole thing rather than annoyed with Lyo or Sybil.


Because watching/listening to someone go from “she’s the devil’s child” to “I’m so proud of you” is hilarious no matter who you are. 🙂


Night of the Chickenman

Ah! Memory impairment: the free prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle!

-Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and Eric Kaplan

Sometimes I wish I had that excuse, but I don’t. I just have really bad memory. Makes me wish that I could just record everything…well, maybe just a few select things. 😀

Such as last night. Lyo and I opened a present early.

He gave me a set of three dragons.


And I gave him this->1492

His reaction was priceless. 😀 He actually nearly dropped the package instead of the wrapping paper that was in his other hand. ~laughs~ It really was one of those moments where I wish I had a memory good enough to remember what his face looked like.

But I will remember the “Oh WOW!!!” and the look in his eyes as they glowed. He never expected it…and I do so love to surprise him. Hopefully he will like his other presents as well. 🙂 He spent the rest of the night sitting on the couch in the living room listening to the CDs at nearly full volume. ~chuckles~ I have a feeling he’ll do the same tonight too.


Christmas…you’re doing it wrong

People often wonder why I dislike Christmas so much.

Could it be the commercialism?
The screaming children?
The screaming adults?
Could it be the fact that my birthday is 10 days before such a happy occasion and I’m jealous?

Well it could be all of that and may still be in bits in pieces, but it isn’t the entire reason.

I grew up in a home where any family gathering was a reason for some to show off their…wealth (even when they did not have any). It was a reason to forget what you named your child. And it was a reason to let the kids do the clean up duty while some of the adults ignored everything but the TV.

But mostly it was reason to compete.

I’m not into competing with anyone. Why should I? If I’m happy with who I am, where I am, and how I am then why should I force myself to be something different?

The answer is pretty simple. Sharing lives are not meant to remain the same.

That’s it. That is the big secret in the world that I think everyone is looking for. When you share space with someone- be it in a car, an elevator, a store, or a home- you cannot remain the same as you are. You are going to have to give in a little to make that space a good one for however long you remain there. And there is no way in hell or heaven that the person/s you are sharing it with are going to be exactly like you. (No we are not counting cloning as a viable option at this time. :))

So this year since Lyo really likes Christmas I’m trying to keep myself from making it kind of gloomy for him. I’ve tried in the past, but it wasn’t always successful. However this year I’m going to try a little harder to remember that this special dinner and the giving of presents is really about saying thank you to the people who are willing to share their lives with mine.

That shouldn’t be too hard.

…right? 😀

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