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Character List Pt 2: Evil Ones

Those that think it permissible to tell white lies soon grow color blind.
-Austin O’Malley

I don’t know, that quote maybe stretching it a bit for me. 🙂 I happen to think that we all tell lies but is really important is the intent of the lie. Is it to protect someone else? Is it to protect yourself? These lies are perfectly acceptable to me…as long as there is responsibility. If you get caught, don’t lie about it. That just makes you and everyone else who has ever done the same thing look really stupid. At least that has been my experience. 😛

In other news-

Today is JJ’s last day in my office. She’ll be moving across the street to run her own shop, which is good for her. She’ll get to see her family more often (in all the time I’ve been here she’s never taken a vacation) and maybe get to enjoy life a bit more.

The downside is that now I’m stuck with Switch. ~sighs~ I could probably handle it if it didn’t seem like Bitchy Switch was going to hang around for awhile. Although if it gets too bad I’ll be able to let off some steam with Whack Your Boss, a fun little game where you get to murder a person over and over and over again. Great stress relief sometimes. 😀 If you want to know how Bitchy Switch acts, visit the site and press the bottom file drawer. The ‘boss’ is almost word for word Bitchy Switch. ~evil grin~ Which would explain why I moved the files up by my desk. ~laughs~

I’m in kind of  a funny mood today which I’m blaming lack of sleep and no down time yesterday thanks to Muppet and the local stores conspiring not to carry what I needed for dinner.

And speaking of those who annoy, distract, and are in general disliked by me for one reason or another let me introduce you to a few of them. (~evil grin~ Yes I’m in that kind of a mood today.)

  • The Annoyance: aka- The Annoying, Son of a rat whore Bitch, Crazy Fuck. This is actually the title I reserve for all those who come to my door to convert me. Be they Christian, Boy Scout, Pool-a-Thoners, or whatever. Generally though they are religious in nature and will occasionally keep coming back. I think they like the abuse. ~shrugs~
  • The Giant: aka- The Headache People. I’m sure I will have to deal with this group again. Kind of like a hydra they never seem to know what the other head is think or doing. Even though they are supposed to be one of the better insurance companies in the state. (~cough~ Bullshit ~cough cough~)
  • The Ex: There are two things that makes this guy really annoying. One- he never ever tells me what he wants to know. Be it computer problems or just to talk to Lyo about going fishing or maybe hunting. It is a big secret and he really doesn’t want to share. Two- The guy used be our landlord, and is a cheap SOB. He will call Lyo to come install software, hardware, new TV, or anything else because he doesn’t want to pay someone to do it. Or bother asking his family (who is visiting for a day or two) to do it for him. (Nor does the family offer to help.)
  • Auntie Em: Now I know I’m old. ~sighs~ I can get how you’d be confused about filing and where files go for the first couple of weeks on the job. Especially without someone to train you. I can even get how trying to clean up the previous person’s system can be difficult to get done in a month or two…or three. But gods! This lady has managed to misplace, have vanish into thin air, or just wandered away files every…single…..week. I have to scan and email files that are 3 inches thick on occasion to her because the file walked away! ~sighs~
  • Little Woman: One of my next door neighbors. I actually get along with her just fine. And I am even sympathetic about her and her husband having to work out of town to make ends meet. However this is the same lady that knows her dogs (who roam the neighborhood at will when you let them out and are totally loveable hounds) always come over to my house so that Lyo and I can give them doggie treats. We don’t mind because we started it and since we both work and can’t have dogs yet, I get my puppy fix without having to be responsible for them. 🙂 Yet knowing this…LW will let her hounds out at 5 o’clock in the morning or earlier. Not in the back yard. Out in front where they know to go bark at the neighbors. I’ve lost 3 days of sleep because of this. And the last time I scared the hell out of her by showing up at her door with 3 dogs in tow asking that she keep them inside until 7am. (And for some reason I’m the bitch for doing it. ~sighs~)

And last but not least-

  • Madre. I don’t even know where to go with this one without turning it into an entire entry by itself. I’ll keep it basic. Madre is an Obsessive/Compulsive, Religious, Abuser. That about sums it up. She is also my adoptive mother. Growing up with her was…more or less a lesson in survival and being undetected. I kind of failed at the last part through no fault of my own (being the oldest girl it’s hard to be undetected).

Now I am off to sail the choppy seas of work.



Cast of Characters Pt. 1

Art, like morality, consists of drawing the line somewhere.
-G. K. Chesterton

So I thought I would introduce you to all the people in my life that I consider important since they are part of the reason for my writing here. That I need someplace to keep track of what names I’ve given them online. 😀

I’ve divided the people up into Pack and Friends. Pack are closer than friends and better than the family you grew up with. Friends are just about anyone else who I am somewhat close to, but only partly.

First up my Pack:

  • Lyo (aka: My Mate, Mine, Hubby, Husband) : He is a big teddy bear when it comes to just about anything. We do have our moments, but all in all- I got a good deal when we hooked up. And I hope I show that to him every day. 🙂
  • Jax (1979 – 2009): Even though she gone Jax is still one of the biggest influences in my life. She and I knew each other from our teen years and even after some rocky reconnects we managed to stay close. 🙂 I still think about her everyday. I don’t keep in touch with the rest of her Pack as often as I would like, but for the past 3 years I haven’t been online much… In any event- those in her Pack that I know pretty well (I think) are Cate, Max, Kim,Torian, Kadin and Tianna. They show up here occasionally too.
  • Matt: Out of all the people I’ve met through Jax’s Pack Matt is the one I’ve kept in touch with most frequently. I always kind of picture him as a younger brother that I love hanging out with to either annoy, torment, or laugh with. Mostly all of them. 😀

Now for my friends-

  • JJ: I’ve worked with JJ for awhile now. Funny, smart, and extremely honest about most things. JJ can be a bit of sneak at times (okay maybe a lot of the time), but that is what makes working with JJ so fun. You never know what’s coming up.
  • Switch: Switch is…well a light switch. You never know if it is going to be a good day and have Talkative Switch in or  if it’s one of the bad days and Bitchy Switch or Snarky Switch is coming in. Debate Switch can be fun since I enjoy crushing preconceptions on just about anything if I can help it. And Debate Switch gets it going every time. 🙂 Also Switch has this habit of raising her voice an octave or two when she thinks your not listening to what she says…or if she disagrees with you. Annoying but I try to keep remember she isn’t really yelling.
  • JonBoy: Oh, where to start with Jonnie? The only person I’ve seen more disorganized and clutter prone was Jax and she had good reason to be. JonBoy is just everywhere. He can’t help it or so it seems. And I do take pity on those that can’t understand computers. I’m not an expert, but I’m pretty good at the level I am at. JonBoy can’t even get a computer powered on without a button that says start. Gods know why someone gave him a Windows 8 laptop, but I doubt he’s used it more than twice since I set it up for him. ~sighs~
  • Lyssa: Someone I met during NaNo. She is fun and quirky (yellow galoshes) and a writer. She has lots of stories to tell about the places she’s been.
  • Mira: Another NaNo person who is as much a coffee hound as I am. She writes professionally which I would love to do, but it makes hanging out with her sometimes hard to do. That and the fact that she lives 3 hours away.
  • Muppet: Here is another of my wayward cases. Although she does have some skills with a computer it mainly focuses on searches and emails. Not bad. She reminds me of an innocent kid who is stepping out into the real world for the first time. Except in Muppet’s case she’s been out there before. I worry about her, but aside from helping her out with a few odds and ends we aren’t really that close so I can’t really give her advice. That and she is a huge history buff. So Muppet and Lyo get along great. 🙂

All of these people have some sort of impact on my life…and its been a good thing. I’ve left out the people I don’t like because honestly….I don’t feel like drudging up the old arguments and feelings. Today is about celebrating the people that I like. And while this list isn’t a complete one its the best I can do for now. 🙂

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