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Round 3: Where a shot makes it through the defense

Force is all-conquering, but its victories are short-lived.
-Abraham Lincoln

Victory maybe short lived, but I gotta say that it looks like this little one may have won a battle (hopefully not by losing the war). In other words- the giant is admitting that my procedure is not complete without the test. Took a few tries, but it looks like that has finally sunk into their heads. 😀

Funny thing though- I was reviewing their Membership booklet,you know that giant small print thing they send you every year or so, and I found a lot to laugh about. Mainly that they were claiming that they don’t cover contraceptives  like IUDs or sterilization procedures for men when the federal law mandates that they have to. Funny how they are trying to get around that. 🙂 But since I’m past that stage I don’t really care about that. Though if you are with the same company as I am you might want to start gathering up materials to send them to prove your case. Just a thought. 🙂

In any event-

I’m dancing around my office right now barely able to contain myself that this war against a giant might actually be won. 😀 I had to share with someone so I called Lyo first. I think he finds it amusing that I’m so happy about this victory. But after spending a few sleepless nights and untold amount of scenario running where I ended up the loser and in court over this….

Yeah. I think I deserve to have a few happily ecstatic moments. 😀


Round 1

Health consists of having the same diseases as one’s neighbors.-Quentin Crisp


And so the saga of health begins. In September I underwent minor surgery while I had different insurance. Now three months later I had to have the follow up test to confirm that everything went well.

The good news- everything is great. 😀

The bad news….

Not only is the hospital trying to charge me, but now my insurance is trying to back out of the ObamaCare rules. 😦 Granted I had to change insurance companies in between September and December but the rule is that the procedure and anything after that is recommended is covered 100%. So now it is a fight between the two insurance companies who gets to pay for the X-Ray. All I know…I don’t/won’t pay for it. ~sighs~ I’ve already had to point that out to the hospital this morning. 😛 We’ll see what happens.

I’m only slightly nervous about getting stuck with a bill from the hospital. But I’m hoping it will take a few months before anything is resolved. It could be shorter but I don’t think so. The hospital likes to pad its bills (yes, I do know this for a fact from September) so they probably won’t put in a claim until January.

One thing that did slightly annoy me is that I know more about this particular part of the law then they do. And they are working in the health care field! This baffles me. If it effects my job I would want to know about it. Even if it is barely within my field I’d like to at least understand it so that if something comes up I can answer questions about it.

But, I suppose, that asking such a thing of a small town/county hospital is a bit of a reach. And being one of the first patients to use the law is not a great big help either. 🙂 So I guess the lesson is- do the research! Know what the law says, what the policy you have says, and most importantly point it out to people.

You really do need to be involved and paying attention when it comes to your wallet and health. Less so the wallet, but very much so your health. Things can go terribly wrong if you aren’t paying attention.

So I guess round 1 goes to me. Round 2 ought to be entertaining don’t you think? 😀

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