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I’m puzzled


Something has been puzzling me. I’m not sure if the people involved mean to be condescending or if they really and truly believe what they are saying. If it is the latter…I’m not sure how to take it.

This involves the Affordable Health Care Act and Birth Control (including sterilization) in relation to religious organizations. I just want to see if I’ve got this right.

Religious Health Insurers are exempt from providing Birth Control since it is against their beliefs. Okay I get that. Fine. I was a little annoyed when I found out that even if you don’t have religious affiliations, but your insurance does that you are still subject to their exemption.

But now those Religious Health Insurers do not want women they insure to have access to Birth Control from another insurer. 

So I’m left to puzzle. 

Is it really that The Religious Health Insurers doesn’t trust that their employees will hold to the company’s or organization’s belief system and will get birth control?

Do they really want to pay for more births?

Is the only way for any Religious Organization to gain more followers is for them to breed them?

And of course- Why in the hell do they get to dictate policy to people who are not even apart of their belief system?

Thank the gods I got this over and done with.


Round 2: Battered and Bruised

You learn a lot about people when you play games with them. –Laura Moncur


Well, the bell has rung and I’m standing up to a giant with little sleep as well as a short fuse. 😛

On the list of fun filled things to do today was getting up and finding my handbook for my insurance after finally getting to sleep after midnight (I think). I promptly looked up their stance on voluntary sterilization and found out that that it is only covered in full if the procedure is done In-Plan. Out-of-Plan you would have to pay. Now here’s the kicker. My insurance is ‘sponsored’ by the Catholic church.

I smell something funny about that. Since I couldn’t have the procedure done (thank the gods I already had it done before the switch) in their hospitals and clinics I would have to go Out-of-Plan to get it done anyways. I’d be pissed, but like I said I’ve already had the surgery. ~sticks tongue out at insurance company~

Then I looked up their Exclusion periods. The giant does have an ‘Out’…sort of. Electives are not covered for 12 months. Probably should have looked into this before I went in for the test, but…~shrugs~…I took someone at their word and this is what happens…frequently. 😛

So rather than dwell on the potential problem in the making I focused the rest of my morning on trying to determine what the Affordable Care Act says about sterilization.

I know I have some of the materials at home (which I’ll be going through again tonight) but I’m still trying to find out how they define the sterilization procedure.

According to the report that the HHS (Department of Health and Human Services) based their guidelines on defines it this way-

For the purposes of this study, the Committee on Preventive Services for Women
defines preventive health services to be measures—including medications,
procedures, devices, tests, education, and counseling—shown to improve wellbeing
and/or decrease the likelihood or delay the onset of a targeted disease or

And they define testing like this-

Testing refers to any process used to determine whether a condition is present
or to assess the status of a condition. Testing may involve questioning patients
(e.g., asking a patient about tobacco use), physical examination (e.g., mammography
screening to detect potential breast cancers), or examining blood,
body fluids, or tissues (e.g., to see if a cancer is present in a biopsy sample).
Testing may also require the use of sophisticated technology, such as computed
tomography and magnetic resonance imaging scans and other X rays,
or invasive procedures, such as heart catheterization to detect blockage of
coronary arteries. Tests may be used to
1. Screen individuals who have risk factors but no indication of having the
2. Diagnose a disease or condition in individuals who have symptoms and
signs but for whom a test will add certainty about the diagnosis, or
3. Monitor the progress of an individual who is being treated or being
considered for treatment, such as monitoring blood pressure over time.

Kind of sounds like my test falls into that category doesn’t it. I just need to make sure that the Guidelines still have those definitions. Otherwise I maybe picking a fight that will cost me in the end. But I’ll look and see none the less. 🙂

So being nice and polite (remember you catch more flies with honey than vinegar) I passed some of the information saying the test was a requirement of my procedure to the giant.

As of yet I have not hear back from them and probably won’t until nearly 5pm tonight. I think they go home at 5 on Fridays. Maybe they go home at 4. In any event I’m fairly certain that I won’t hear anything until Monday.

If/When I do I’ll have some other documents to send their way. 😀 And considering the way my application process went I think this is fair payback to the giant. They gave me a headache with their paperwork…I can do the same thing. 😀

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