Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

The New Approach

Dreams are fickle things. As are resolutions, elections, vacations, and everyday lives.

I am not even going to mention trying to edit a novel. Right now that just isn’t going to happen. Why? Because apparently I am terrible at editing. I would much rather write another story that might actually come together without major rewrites. And given my history of ‘pantsing’ these stories I thought I would try to do something a little different this time.

I am actually taking notes on the chapters I want to write. The notes consist of who, what, where, and bread crumbs on the tone of the chapter.

For example:

George goes to the movies with Eric and Sandra. They are going to see an action film that is supposed to be a little scary but not too much because Eric screams like a girl. Lucas is trailing behind keeping a close eye on Sandra. He has been watching over her since she was a baby and knows that she can often find trouble where there is none. 

As the movie plays George gets up to go get popcorn and something to drink. When he gets back he gives the drink to Sandra, who after drinking it passes out. George and Eric take her outside.

Okay that’s a really short version of what my notes look like, but you get the idea. The main point of these notes is to give me a guide that will point out the pitfalls and introduce people as I need them without getting wrapped up in their backstories.

Though I will admit that some of that sneaks in. When it happens I simply cut that bit out and move it over to the bio page for that person. 😀

The secondary point of these notes is to allow me to rearrange the chapters without having the actual chapters getting in the way. Since I’m doing this before I start writing I’m less likely to put something in that won’t work if the chapter gets moved.

Let’s hear it for organized chaos.

And if you don’t think it’s chaos, just wait till I print these pages out! It’ll be arts and crafts week at summer camp. 😉


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