Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

For the love of….

How do you know you’re going to do something, until you do it?

J. D. Salinger

Feel free to input what ever you’d like at the end of the title. Mine ranged from “driver’s ed” to “flying pink pokadots” while I was driving back to work yesterday.

And yes, for those of you keeping track of my life- yesterday was my day off. But when your boss screams ‘help, I don’t know what’s going on’ days off are like smoke. In this case there was nothing I could have done because of one little detail JJ forgot to mention. The entire county was cut off from the internet.

Just a small detail.

And of course along with that their phones were out too. 😦

But that wasn’t what had me thinking up new and strange ending for the phrase “for the love of….”

No, that award goes to the 3 vehicles who insisted that every curve was going to run them into a brick wall or make them drive right off a cliff.

You think I’m joking?

You know that gentle curve that you can see both ends of as you approach? Maybe a 2 degree bend in the road?

These people were slowing down to 15 mph to go around it.

This would have been just an exercise of patience if not for the fact that I just had an hour of practice not 20 minutes before. So what is a poor frustrated girl to do?

I can’t pass (curves of doom and all).

I can’t honk my horn because the guy in front won’t hear it (4th car in line and all).

And did I mention I wasn’t driving my car? I was in my husbands and my phone isn’t hooked up to his system. So no music either.

I play the word game. Come up with the most ridiculous ending of a phrase that I can possibly think of and use it as a catchphrase for one of my characters. 😛

See, even without working at the keyboard I’m still working. 😉


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