Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

I go wandering

What do you do when you are looking to learn something new, but you’re not sure what that something is?

For me…I go looking at a few websites to see if there is anything that sparks my interest. ~grins~ I’ll even go and join some groups to see if there is anything worth my time. Usually though I end up giving more advice rather than taking it. ~wry grin~ But that is part of the learning process for me, the interaction between people helps clarify what I’m trying to understand myself.

It is a nice side effect. ~chuckles~

But these days there aren’t many places to go for learning and interaction that I have confidence in. Quite a few of them seem to be geared toward one section or another of what I would like to learn about, and they don’t seem as friendly as they could be either. And to make matters more depressing the sites I used to frequent are long gone. ~sighs~

So the hunt continues for something…I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually. ~smiles~


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