Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Clearing house




Man 1: “Shall I or shan’t I? Should I or shouldn’t I?”

Man 2: “Is he or isn’t he?”

(Points to anyone who knows what TV show that is from.)

It’s been that kind of day and in truth the whole weekend seems to have gone that way. Lots of driving mixed in with stormy weather and a rock hard bed to sleep in. Actually the storm was the one of the better parts of the weekend.

I’ve always enjoyed watching storms. The more violent the better. It is a release of a kind for me. Pent up frustrations, anger, sadness, and anything else I care to throw out into the wind and rain.  Everything is thrown out and I let the storm rage for me.

I even threw my joy, love, and satisfaction into storms.

Emotions were never meant to be negative or positive it was just how I interpreted them. I could keep them or let them go to make room for the new ones waiting to come in.

Some lessons are like a kiss, and some are like my storms.


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