Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

I hate to disagree…

Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane. -Philip K. Dick


Sometimes I open my mouth and suddenly I’m preaching to someone I didn’t intend to preach at. This particular time around it was about the people who stay in a place that is not safe, sane, or recommended. 

The incident that I was telling this person about was when 2 LDS girls came to the house asking if I was Sister so & so. I kind of laughed and said no I wasn’t. Then they asked if I was Sister Lyo. I laughed harder and said I really wasn’t, but that my husband wasn’t feeling good so could they go away. (I was nice about it though.)

In any event Lyo (after I told him about the visit) started talking about how some of these people didn’t have a choice about going on these missions. In turn I mentioned it to JJ & Asher (another co-worker) and JJ commented that I couldn’t understand because I was so strong.

Now I’m all for blowing my own horn when it is due. But I’m calling bullshit on that comment. I’m not strong. I just have this overwhelming desire not to feel like shit every time I draw a breath or open my eyes. It was a matter of survival. Either I got out or I would be dead. Though to be honest it wasn’t that clear of thought. I just wanted to be elsewhere. Even sleeping in a car was a better option.

That isn’t strength. That is just plain selfishness. And try as one might you can’t keep it buried forever…

Well, you can

I just wouldn’t recommend it. 😉


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