Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Yep I can fix that

Oh, come on. If you can’t laugh at the walking dead, who can you laugh at?

I have been told that I’m like a drug more than once.

I don’t get it.

It’s a sweet thing to say when coming from someone I consider Pack or family, but it is a little odd when complete strangers say it. For them it seems this particular drug requires tales from their lives that they haven’t told anyone before. Or maybe ranting about some wrong done more than 35 years ago.

What ever the case it seems people feel the need to not only tell me their life story, but have me fix their lives.

I don’t mind the listening bit. That can be fun, entertaining, and let’s face it- when someone else is having a worse day than you, you feel better.

But the whole fixing their lives part is where I fail… miserably.

For some reason they think that I have all the answers to their problems. Or that I have the secret to living a happy life.

Truth is I don’t.

I don’t think anyone does.

But I’m always willing to give it a shot.



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