Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

On it goes

If you have accomplished all that you planned for yourself, you have not planned enough.
Edward Everett Hale

Lyo finally had to break down and get real painkillers. Which is good because he hadn’t slept in 2 days. He is still without a diagnosis as of today, but there is a CT scan setup for him in a few hours. He already had the MRI and nothing showed up. Then shingles was thought to be possible given Lyo’s age and the fact that he had chickenpox when he was kid.

But we’ve ruled that out so far since no rash has shown up.

After the CT scan is a visit to a neurosurgeon but that hasn’t been set up yet. And given how well his health insurance company is getting along with the hospital…I’m not sure where we go for the consultation or when.

Well so much for the up beat news.

I’m still running on 3 hours of sleep from the night before last. And I’ve got another long day ahead of me. Lyo on pain killers is funny when he’s in the hospital. Lyo on painkillers at home is a bad idea.

Why is it that when you take painkillers your memory of being in pain is somehow forgotten?


I think that if I hadn’t been here yesterday he would have tried to go work on the trailer. He was doing all sorts of movements he wasn’t supposed to be doing. Nor should he have been capable of doing them without the painkillers.

I know when I hurt I don’t do that. Of course painkillers don’t really work on me so maybe it is just the drugs.

In which case I really have to talk with whoever decided my biological/chemical makeup. It isn’t fair that I can’t get the same kind of relief with painkillers as others can.


I guess I stick with the vodka. 😛


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