Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Yes I can admit it

Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so.
John Stuart Mill

Is it wrong that when I see something like this that I start laughing? Not the little ‘oh my god’ horrified laugh. The kind of laugh that usually only comes about when something is just too funny to expressed any other way.The rolling on the floor laugh. The hurt my ribs and stomach ’cause I’m laughing so much.

I don’t think of how the person was feeling or about their family. I just laugh. And laugh. And eventually the funny wears off. But I still don’t think about the person or their family. They are just another person who died whom I didn’t know.

Perhaps that is heartless of me.

Or perhaps there is so much of this shit going on that laughter is the only thing that keeps me functional. We have wars a plenty, idiots with killing on their minds who don’t really care how its done just that someone is dead (or alot of someones), and we have people pointing fingers right, left, up, down, and yes even sideways at everyone but themselves.

It is a very fucked up world.

I laugh because I can. Because all this crazy is funny. It really is. You can run from here to there, be in a hurry to beat out the guy next to you, pretend to the best at what you do, and even win the hearts/minds of your fellow man. But we are all still fucked up.

Admit and love it. 🙂


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