Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Are you willing to question

Love is the difficult realization that something other than oneself is real.-Iris Murdoch

I’ve come to realize what my biggest problem with organized religion is. It is that one person’s opinion rules a lot of people. You aren’t really supposed to think for yourself you are just supposed to do what they tell you like a good little follower.

Now I’m not saying that this actually works in the real world. Seems everyone has an opinion about one thing or another that conflicts with their beliefs. And I’m all for that. Hell, I’ll help it along if I can. 🙂

But it is the idea that so many people would put where their souls will go into the hands of one person kind of creeps me out.

Why can’t you be gay?
Why can’t you have magic?
Why can’t you have more than one spouse?

Some would say that the people who believe what they are told to believe are sheep. That isn’t exactly true to me. Because if they were really sheep then they would never disagree with what their leader says. I think of them as less dominant. After all they still have the teeth they were born with.

I’m more of a cherry picker when it comes to religion. Nearly all religions have something good that I can get from them… and have in my wandering. 🙂 I’ve also had that term mean something not so nice, but since it is what I do- I can’t really complain. I’ve even had eclectic  pagans call me that before which is kind of funny considering where they are coming from.

But the way I look at it. We all do it. Christians, Pagans, Muslims, and everyone else I’m sure. We pick what we want from the religions we follow and run with it. The good or the bad.

I’ve met very few who will actually take all of it as it is. The good and the bad. And the few that I’ve met are kind of scary in their acceptance of everything they believe. It has gotten to the point that I don’t know which is scarier- the people who choose to put their souls into one man? Or the ones who truly believe?

I just hope that those who don’t believe that everyone should follow the same path get some more backbone soon.


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