Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

That’s not a rose

Take care of the luxuries and the necessities will take care of themselves. -Dorothy Parker

Sometimes life is unfair. In this case it is being unfair to the males. 

And I whole heartedly approve. 🙂

Valentine’s Day maybe an overrated holiday (and it is to me) but I’m still expecting Lyo to come up with something. Which means I can’t be disappointed when it isn’t what I thought about getting. 

I’m really pushing this idea of romance because I’ve never had it. So I don’t know what the hell it is. For some it is flowers. For some it is a nice dinner out at a restaurant that the gods themselves couldn’t afford. And for others it is a quiet camping holiday without distractions.

For me…??

I haven’t a clue. 

The bad news is neither does Lyo. 😛 I don’t think he’s ever really thought about it or had to try to create romance before. But I could be wrong about that. He does have 29+ years more experience than I do. So he should have an idea right?


Actually I haven’t really been into the romance idea until recently. After the surgery it has become more of a focus than it used to be. But I’m a hard person to romance.

I love roses, but hate flowers. I love chocolate chip cookies, Kisses, Peanut butter covered in chocolate, and milk chocolate truffles. But I hate most other kinds of chocolate. I love teddy bears, but I’m running out of room to keep them. I love to eat, but I’m a diet. 

And of course there’s no guarantee that Lyo will be getting what he wants for V-day anyways. 😉 Not that I would say no on purpose to be mean, but…things happen. And with me being me…I can feel ready one second then totally change my mind the next.

I’m opposite girl when it comes to sex. Which frustrates the hell out of Lyo, and leaves me feeling somewhere between frustrated and amused.

The joys of love. 😀


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