Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

So far this year-

The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.
-Paul Fix

Or you let your thoughts direct where they want to go. 🙂

So far so good this year. My thoughts have stayed relatively on track and that translates into me sticking to my diet…mostly. 😛 I have managed to lose 5 lbs since starting a few weeks ago and a pant size. Yay me!

Although….I have strayed from my Research in favor of another topic that I’m curious about. And then there is the working on the back stories for my next attempt at NaNo later this year. I’m guessing I’ll get back to my Research later this year.

I have managed to talk to Lyo about maybe taking a weekend off in March or April (whenever Spring Break isn’t) for our vacation down south. And here’s a shock- he actually agreed to go. 😀 Okay so not much of a shock, but it is encouraging.

I have yet to go out to the range with my bow or my pistol, but then again even when the weather is sunny it is freezing outside. We barely get out of the 30s before noon. So I may have to wait a bit on that.

I have started to become a little more active on FB and Google+ over the last month as well. 🙂 Not really doing much other than liking or posting random quotes or happy faces, but it is a step in the right direction as far as keeping in touch with a few people.

It’s how I found out about my nephew’s pneumonia and the fact that he’s had other respiratory problems in the past. ‘Cause you know my sister can’t pick up a phone and talk to me. Seeing how it is my fault that family is such a mess. 😦 I’m not sure if I’m for or against her posting information like that on FB, but…I guess at least it keeps me in touch in a round about way. Besides…that’s how a few family members found out that Lyo and I got married too. 😀

So all in all…I’d say not a bad start to the year. I am going to add one more thing to my list though.

For one month (I’m not sure when) I will post every day. It may not be more than a quote or a comment, but it will be something. 🙂 I’ll let you know when I plan to start that as soon as I know. 😀


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