Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Day 1….. the rabbit or the hare

Well hung impressed. I manage to get over 2000 words written yea! And now all I have to do is keep this pace up and I’ll be finished before mid month even happens. Of course that doesn’t mean anything unless I can actually keep that pace till the mid month mark. Here’s hoping anyways.

Unfortunately my research is falling behind. That something that I’m going to have to work on. But I am lousy it scheduling anything. 🙂

For example who in their right mind would schedule a wedding a contest and research project all in the same month.? Apparently the answer to that is me. But on the bright side I do have an extra tool that I can use when constructing research and said novel. And that is the wonderful world of dictation thank God for smartphones!

No all I have to do is learn how to speak so that the phone can interpret correctly… any guesses on how long that’s going to take me.?

Though I will admit that this phone works great for dictation. In fact I’ve used it quite a bit to write my blog. 🙂 so if there is any misspellings you can put it down to the phone and not myself. 😀 same goes for punctuation.

Just need a little peace and quiet and teach and hate we are ready to go. Maybe some popcorn to?

After all I do have a little kid just dying for junk food! ( That would be myself :D)


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