Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Ooooo….maybe I need happy pills today

Why is it that when one thing goes wrong just about everything else decides to fall apart too?


So I talked to Lyo at lunch, like normal, and he did apologize to which my reply was/is- you have nothing to apologize for. And that is true.

Oh he could’ve helped a bit more. He could have remembered to tell the people he was inviting that it was a potluck get together after. And yes, he could have even helped make some of the decisions through out the process.

He didn’t.

And I didn’t ask him to or take the responsibility into my own hands. So really….who’s blaming who? I can’t blame him without taking a really long long look at my own actions. (I’d really like to though.)

Now he wants to talk about the Thing when I get home tonight. Yeah….that’s what I really want to do after a shitty day that started off like it did.

Which brings me to the other big disappointment of the day.

Health Insurance.

Why the Hell do they make it so bloody hard to get it? And I’m not talking about the application itself and the pre-qualifiers that we have to jump through to get to the part of applying. I’m talking about actually applying for it.

I go through the state to help me pay for my insurance. They pay X and I pay Y, the company gets Z. Simple. But here’s the ever loving hitch to the plan. I current policy is not going to be renewed with the state for one reason or another. So I have to apply for new coverage under another company I’m not fond of or become one of those millions of Americans that will have to pay a tax/fee for not having insurance. That would annoy me.

So I go ahead and send in my application. Filled out the PDF. Attached my letter from the state (a copy) and stuck it in the mail. A few days go by and I get a call. “We’re sorry but we are currently in the process of updating the application from 2011 to 2012 in November. So you need to reapply with the 2012 form.”

Ooookay. I’ve got a bit of time before November gets here (which is when my December premium is due. Which has to be from the new company to the state before I get my bill in November). So even though to my eyes the applications are identical (NOT similar….IDENTICAL) I fill out the new one in PDF format. Print and send it with another copy of my letter.

A few days go by.

I receive a voice mail saying to give this lady a call on Monday (today). I call at 8:30 am. Leave a message. I hadn’t heard from her an hour later so I call and talk with her assistant. Yep the lady is in today (no offer to transfer me back to her line).

Finally I hear from this lady.

“Oh your check marks did not match up to the boxes, although in some places they did, in others they didn’t. We can’t use it. You’ll have to fill out another one. Maybe this time you could do it online so that we can process it faster.”

Uhmm…I have to have my state letter with that application.”

“Oh don’t worry I’ll keep an eye on it if you could give me a call before you hit the send button. Or alternatively you could print and mail the application after you’ve filled it out online.”

Great….just great. Take the chance that the application gets there slower and late with all the right paperwork or trust  that this lady will actually keep her word?

Guess which way I’m leaning.

Now guess what I did.

I’m going to guess that you get only one of those right.


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