Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

The little surprises…

I love reading. It is one of my favorite ways to relax and the feel of paper or the sound of pages turning is like music to me. But my eyes do not always love that small print or the really bright light that can blind me. So what to do when you still want to stay up and read but you can’t see the bloody page?

How about have the book read itself?

Or in this case have my Thrive read it to me. 🙂 This will be a big help especially with my research because for some reason known only to publishers and book makers the print books from 1940 are tiny and line spacing non-existent. And no, scanning them and enabling people to zoom in does not help if their eyes are sensitive to the light. 

But I shouldn’t blame the scanners, light, printers, or writers should I? After all that was normal. And since more often than not those books are free on various devices (Google Play being my personal choice most days) there is a simple solution. 

Of course now I’m wondering if it works on my phone too. ~shrugs~ We’ll find out eventually.


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