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Medically Challenged

Let me start off by saying that I have nothing against the medical profession or those that work to create drugs to help the ailing population. I just have a very skeptical outlook on life in general (especially when it comes to the human species). 


I am medically challenged.

I have a high tolerance for pain killers without ever having been on them long enough to build up that tolerance. Some might think that drugs were involved in this somehow. But aside from the pot I did maybe 6 times in my teens and 20s (can’t say I didn’t try to like it) and maybe experimenting with cold medication once- drugs have never been my thing. Drinking and smoking has. In fact until recently I would’ve said that they were my biggest vices that I support. But since moving in with Lyo and finding my current job I haven’t been indulging in my drinking habit frequently (and that has been over a year now). And since I switched to V2 instead of cigarettes I haven’t even had the smoking vice (vaping yes, smoking no).

So drugs wouldn’t explain that quirk of mine. And I’ve met several people who claim to have the same resistance. I say claim because I don’t have their medical history in front of me nor have I lived in their skin to know their lives. (I told you I was a skeptic.)

I don’t respond to antibiotics. This is because during my childhood any sniffle, flu, or cough was treated with antibiotics. (I know you can’t treat the flu with antibiotics, but it never paid to argue with Madre…even when you’re a doctor.) I have now developed an allergic reaction to most antibiotics. One reaction in particular would be considered fun by some, (but I’m too freaked out to even think about testing it) is having hallucinations on Erythromycin. Trust me it isn’t fun when you are 5.

Those are a few of things that make me medically challenged. And the doctors that I’ve seen in the past will easily dismiss it as unimportant or worse- that I really am a secret junkie who just happens to pull off looking respectable (gods never thought I’d be saying I look respectable…. 😀 ) better than other.

So I’ve dipped my toe into the waters of home/herbal remedies. And I gotta tell you that I respond better to those than I ever have with modern drugs. For example-

I have some slight nerve damage in my lower back that comes and goes. Best relief I’ve found for when the pain (that never really goes away) gets too bad to ignore… St. John’s Wort, Lavender, and Clove. Mix the oils together and rub effected area. That and a hot pad and I’m feeling better in about 1/2 the time without the useless Vicodin. Now of course if the pain is really REALLY bad…add a 1/5 of vodka…drink it though instead of rubbing it on the effected area. Trust me if you drink enough eventually you won’t notice the pain and can function in the home for a good 2-6 hours.

I would also recommend that when you start feeling better you re-train your body in how to move. This can be done in any number of ways but I prefer yoga and bike riding during the summer. Walking is also a pretty good trainer.

My latest foray into the herbal world is working with dandelion root. I’ve been having abdominal trouble for about the last month (right before hunting season) and am now just starting to get it treated. According to WebMD I was highly likely to have IBS, but I don’t think that was it. I think it was just that my diet went from fairly normal- veggies, meat, bread, grain of some kind with a lot of junk food for snacks- to something that looked more like a diet of a true carnivore- 90% meat, 10% liquid.

To treat this constipated condition I’m taking 1+ teaspoon of the root, steeping for about 10 minutes (or longer) and drinking it 3 times a day. I’ve only been doing this for 1/2 a day, but it seems to be working a lot better than the magnesium crap they sell in stores. Bleh….~shudder~


Makes you kind of wonder….if I know all this stuff about me….why in the hell do I keep trying modern techniques first?

I don’t know. I think I keep trying them because they are supposed to work. Doctors are supposed to have the answers for what is going wrong with your own body. I think that is a cop-out though.  I think we have gotten so used to someone else taking responsibility for our actions that we get very pissed off when they shrug or dismiss our concerns.

I’m going to try to be responsible for my body. Hell, I’ve taken some of the steps necessary for that, but I still need to get it through my skull that it is MY responsibility to know what will work and what won’t work for me.

This could take some time though. ~wry grin~



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