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Almost back to writing

I am not the most exciting person these days. Trying frantically to get things done before winter hits in full force means that I don’t often have time to sit back and write anything useful/funny/insightful…or anything really.

But I have managed to stumble across a few things that have I think are interesting.

First is Powell Books’ new Espresso Book Machine ( which if you are like me- dying to see something you’ve done in print, but know that it isn’t quite ‘there’ for mass production (or even having someone consider it for production)- this is worth the trip to Portland alone. I’m having a hard time deciding what (if anything) I can put together for a book and get it over there. 😀 I’ll have to wait until I’m not running around though. Hopefully by then I’ll have something put together.

My research project is slow going, but again that is probably my fault. I get distracted and go off on another line all together. Such as the meaning of a symbol or myths in the region that are like  shiny objects that I can’t ignore. This would be one of the major reasons why I can’t have a job that is strictly one thing at a time in the same order all the time. I go off and do something else. 🙂 A bad trait for research, but I find out all sorts of fun things.

This trait also gets really bad when there are differing opinions about my topic. Some will say X while other will include W and Z in the same category- but when you look at the language it clearly isn’t. But then I think maybe they do belong in the same category so I have to find out for sure.

Some would think that was being thorough…I call it trying to be perfect in an imperfect field. Seriously- I’m dealing with Myths that have changed from region to region and throughout time as a well. Do I actually expect to have a complete list and cross reference that encompasses a world’s history on the subject?

Sadly the answer is yes and no. I do, but when I get bogged down in the details I have to remember that I’m not trying to go THAT far. I wish myself  luck every day.

My interest of late has been classical music. Ever since I’ve gotten my library finally set up to the point where it is useful I’ve been leaning toward the classical/instrumental side of music. For those that know about my taste in music this isn’t that big of surprise- but still something to be chuckled about. ~cough-Lyo-cough~ 🙂 But when I read for enjoyment or research I like to have something in the background that is overly loud and not distracting.

Though I have’t quite yet fallen into the Opera trap yet- I tend to think I’m getting close though. 😛 After all it IS only a few steps further.

And in that pursuit of mine I’ve add which I would like you to note also has a Jazz twin. So I’m not just listening to classical all day.

Actually I find that listening to instrumental music (not just classical) I tend to think in more solid ways. Instead of starting a line of thought and having it disappear into the ether a moment later I can actually follow it for  a bit. Sometimes to a good place and sometimes to a place that no mind should ever wander (that’s how I usually find my next Search though so I don’t know maybe a mind should wander out there occasionally :D).

Another change in my habits is that I’ve begun using V2 Cigarettes (  instead of Camels. For those that don’t know V2 is nicotine in water that forms a vapor when inhaling. None of the tar that generally causes the breathing problems. And despite some ads and personal stories about using them to quit smoking (all the vapor brands seem to have those in one way or another) the products are not designed to help a smoker quit (sorry to burst that bubble).  You could if you wanted to, but I don’t think that it would work for me.

In any event my story with them is that the store next to my work started selling the disposable kind from another company. What I like about it was that there were flavors that are kind of sweet in a good way. However I will warn you to stay away from the fruit ones unless you REALLY REALLY like cough syrup from the 1980s. Yeck!!!

Those disposables also lasted the same amount of time as two packs of cigarettes with me for only $10! Where as Camels and other cigarettes were reaching $6.50 in some shops (including the store next to me). So an all around good deal. Then the store started to run out of my flavors. I bought up as much as I could, but it was a long time between refills. So I started to look on line for a supplier. V2 was the best bet and so far I’m very happy with them. And I’ve saved a bit of cash too. 😀

But here’s the part I find funny. When I was running out of the disposable ones and V2 hadn’t arrived yet (never ever go flat rate. Pay the 1.50 more and get it in 1/2 the time) I tried to smoke a Camel.

My gods! What a horrible, disgusting, piece of shit wrapped in menthol hell (I really hate menthol/mint) that I had ever had the unfortunate luck to encounter. That was back in September. I haven’t tried it again since. ~shudders at the memory~ Really bad.

And that has been what I’ve been up to. Well that and throw in a hunting trip, a trip north to Washington, a rainy trip South, and getting married on the 3rd….

I may get things to slow down in December, but I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. 🙂


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