Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Dreams and where they come from

“Inventivness and insight deep, Bring to me while I sleep. Self-expression feeds the soul, Wise Dragon help me find a richer goal.”

Well no richer goals have come to mind just yet. ~wry grin~ But I will say that my dreams have been entertaining thus far. ~chuckles~ Sometimes I wonder what (if anything) my mind is trying to sort out while I sleep. And sometimes the meaning is very clear. Such as earlier this morning I was dreaming about emergency preparedness (sp?) and how ready I was for a disaster or rather how I think everyone else is doing at it. You see most everyone who gets into preparing an emergency pack has one at home and perhaps their car will carry some light supplies, but I would say that is not the norm….the car bit. And very few plan for an emergency where they are not at home or in their own car. And that was pretty much my concern. Especially since I take public transportation to work and back.

So I can understand where my mind picked up that train of thought, but some of the other ones….I’m never sure about. ~laughs~ Maybe after I go through the Zodiac I will concentrate on dream interpretation.  But for right now I’ll just sit back and enjoy what my dreams bring me. Even if they get interupted by the alarm in the morning. ~1/2 smile~


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