Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Work and the things we do to avoid it.

“Inventiveness  and insight deep, Bring to me while I sleep. Self-expression feeds the soul, Wise Dragon help me find a richer goal.”

This is going to be an interesting month. And I’m not sure if it is good or bad yet. ~wry grin~ On one hand Lyo goes back in for surgery and the only thing I can think about is if he stays for the night I might not be sober by the time I have to be at work. Well, sober enough to drive, but definetly not feeling 100%. ~amused~ It will be the first time in a month or two that I’ve had anything to drink without him there. Damn the promise. ~chuckles~

In any event….today is all about working on simplifing my diet. It isn’t going to change all that much. Since I’m having trouble keeping track on a daily basis I’m going to try to work out an average calorie for food groups with pointers on which ones are actually lower than the average I come up with. I will also be simplifing the Y-scores too- even though the system is pretty simple on its own. But not daily simple if you don’t pay attention to it…like me. ~wry grin~

Wish me luck…this is going to be an interesting day.


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