Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much


“Inventiveness and insight deep, Bring to me while I sleep. Self-expression  feeds the soul, Wise Dragon help me find a richer goal.”

Why is it whenever I say I’m going to get my ass in gear and get fit my back decides that it is the perfect time to go out? Not to mention this is the worst time possible with Lyo being in pain and needing me. ~shakes head~ Hopefully with the pillows and cushions around me I’ll ge better, but I’m telling you this is a bitch to deal with. ~mutters~

But at least the SyFi channel is being cooperative today….horror films are always a nice way of getting my sense of humor back. ~wry grin~

The diet is working out nicely. At least so far. ~amused~ I forgot to schedule buying new clothes since mine are not fitting so well these days. So I have to put up with baggy jeans and loose tops for awhile. At least until next month.

I’m also working on gaining an understanding of herbal treatments which is a whole other issue. But at least with my back issues I will be able to test out some of the more….unfamiliar treatments. ~wry grin~

I’ll keep you updated.


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