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Ouch Update

So…1 experiment down and trials underway. I’m doing 20 drops of St. Jonhn’s Wort in a cream called Tropicin which is supposed to be for muscle pains and etc. I use just enough cream to incoporate the drops and am slowly working the mix into my back/hip area. I’ve done two applications of the mix over the last 30 minutes and I still have less than a 1/4 tsp left to apply.

So far the only reaction is a slight  itchy sensation in the area and a slight drop in pain levels. But the drop could be due to the fact that I’m laying down now instead of sitting up. I’m also using a pillow between my legs to keep my spine in some sort of alignment. ~wry grin~

Now granted this isn’t exactly the treatment that is recommended by my books, but it seems to be helpful.

Few minutes later…..

Used the last of the mix.

My knee/thigh area still hurts with shooting pain on occasion. But the main area…my lower back is less.

Much later…..

So the pain did come back about two hours and it was gradual but it did come back. So mixed up some more and applied at about 3 pm. I’m laying back down and trying to keep my back aligned.

So all in all….so far so good with Experiment 1. ~wry grin~


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