Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Aquarius 1

“Inventiveness and insight deep, Bring to me while I sleep. Self-expression feeds the soul, Help me find a richer goal.”

Here is a sign that I can understand…or at least I think so. I’m sure this time will prove me wrong on some level. Still…given everything that is going on these days- Lyo and I in general, work, my studies, and of course working on my diet plan.

Oh, I probably forgot to tell you about that. And in actually fits in with the today’s focus (or at least what I hope is the focus)…inventiveness.

Last year I started Weight Watchers and that went great until I got within 20 lbs of my goal. Sure I fell off the wagon a few times during that 6-8 month period, but I really can’t say it was anything that WW caused. It was just laziness on my part…along with not having access to my Trackers for a while. ~shrugs~ But all in all it is a decent system for those of us who are not diet friendly. ~smiles~

In any event I had to give it up when I switched to my new job since my activities went way down along with my paycheck. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find a new system that would work for me. Points really don’t work when you don’t have access to the full picture of WW.

Enter TCM…or at least a very butchered/Western version. I take the very basic principle of Yin Yang and apply it to food as well as myself. Thank the gods I found a book (I’ll find the author later) that gives a very basic foundation of a Chinese diet. And by basic I mean BASIC. TCM is highly complex for someone who has no background in it, but the principles are fairly easy to understand. And of course I did tweak it a bit to fit into my…overly processed diet. ~wry grin~ What I did boils down to which foods are Yin, and which ones are Yang. There are lists out there that can tell you though some are not nearly as developed as I would like. I needed the +/- versions, not just if they were Yin or Yang (or slightly Yin/Yang).

Once I put together that chart (thanks to the book I will name later and a few websites) I am able to break foods down into their individual parts to determine their Y-score. Add to that a count of how many calories I can have in a day to keep losing 1 lb a week…and I have a very easy option friendly diet. ~grins~

Of course it is still in the testing phase. I’ve only been at this for a day so far but it seems to be one I can easily follow. I just have to remember to count. ~wry grin/laughs~

I would call this inventive. And it is something I enjoy doing….making a system that works. It is one of the reasons I love my belief system. It combines aspects of many different beliefs with the single goal of creating a Balance in the world. Not an extreme.

Ever get the impression I just do things my own way? ~laughs~


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