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Witches Moon Review

Okay…I ordered a Book of Shadows (BOS) from Witches Moonn ( back in February of this year. Here’s what I got.

A badly glued leather cover with glue marks on the front. A different color marbled paper than what I ordered (though if they had trouble matching the colors I wanted I can somewhat understand- but since they never contacted me…well, that is a different complaint..see below). And they over charged me for shipping (again I can understand and can even accept this one).

That being said- my biggest and loudest complaint will be about the customer service.

I’m not going to send this beast back because to put it simply I don’t know when or even if I would get my order completed. ~shrugs~ I wrote to these people and never heard back from them. Ever. I called and no one called me back. I spent over $180 for this…and I could have gotten one much better crafted.

Simply put….spend your money elsewhere. It isn’t worth it. Not the headache…not the time…and definitely not worth the (lack of) craftmanship and ownership these people claim to have.

But this is just my opinion after all.


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