Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

More or less

Et teto toyam lith vyn nolas cepap mpae Esero nia que’tia seo.

There are things I must confess. Such as the love I hold close to myself. It can tear a person apart if I let it lose…and it can destroy everything I believe in this world if it was returned. ~wry grin~ I’m not surprised by this. I think I knew this all along. It is way I choose to hold people at bay…even those I proclaim to love.

In away this site is my Test.

Can I be honest?

Can I tell the truth of everything without the regret that is so ingrained in the mind?

Can I even be honest with myself?

Maybe…I doubt it.

My nature demands that there be some safe place where I can run when emotions/living/loving become too much. I’d like to say that this is true of most people I know…but the truth is most of those I know are better suited to this life than I am. They have the ability to accept and put themselves forward. Where I would rather not.

It is that simple. I would rather not.


I’m not brave nor am I a coward.

I just don’t see the reason for any…thing.

I won’t leave this life because I enjoy it too much. I won’t leave the memories I have because they give me strength. And I won’t leave the love I have because for once in a life-time I have it. ~wry grin~

~shrugs~ Life is more complicated than I explain at the moment. And yet I feel that it is much simpler than I would make it sound. ~laughs~


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