Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much


Et teto toyam lith vyn nolas cepap mpae Esero nia que’tia seo.

The dreams are becoming more…involved. ~1/2 smile~ Apparently sometime in night/this morning while I was dreaming I was making noise. While perhaps not the most exciting thing to talk about it hasn’t really happened to me before. That I know of. And I’m sure my Mate would have mentioned it if I had been.

Which leads me to ponder what are my dreams telling me. Other than what I already know- ie: I walk a very thin line between Tis Ko’gier and another. Which could mean I’m either completely normal or I’m borderline. ~chuckles~ Bets on which one?

I did ask for them, my dreams. And I do believe that it is one way to explore the mind/heart/soul of a person. Not always with the best results because the images are person specific. They are related to the why/how/when of a person and no one can really tell you what those images mean to you. They can only tell you what those images mean to them.

Interpretation and perception are two very dangerous tools that can be used for or against a person. Sometimes when those Interpretations and Perceptions are agreed upon we end up with a society. A society can become a world. And a world can become a universe.

The trap to be avoided is thinking that there is only One Right Interpretation and One Right Perception.

Once you fall into the trap it is very hard to break the cycle. Not matter what the evidence says nor what the eyes see will be enough to sway One Right believers.

Mayhap that is why I am the way I am. And mayhap that is why everyone is who they are.

Dreams are funny things. Sometimes they show you exactly what you want…and sometimes they show you what you need.

I wonder which my dreams showed me.


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