Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much


Et teto toyam lith vyn nolas cepap mpae Esero nia que’tia seo.

Let me serve with honor and peace what Balance there is to be.

What is Esero/Balance? It is a concept that states “the forces of Yin and the forces of Yang work to create and maintain Tis Ko’gier (This Time/Place)”.

There can be no ‘Heaven’ and no ‘Hell’ as most have been taught to believe in within Tis Ko’gier. Life is a cycle that creates, destroys, and at all times strives to have both in existence. For Tis Ko’gier both HAVE to be in existence or else it is no longer Tis Ko’gier. It would become another Ko’gier (Time/Place) altogether. One that I could not even begin to imagine.

Though for myself I strive to reach a Ko’gier where Otel’Da (Complete ALL) exists. A place where neither Yin nor Yang are needed to define existence.

Sounds far fetched I know. I couldn’t even describe what that Ko’gier would be like because I am still limited in my understanding. I still need to define experiences  within Yin and Yang. Though I am slowly getting better. I doubt very much I will ever truly have absolute understanding  while in Tis Ko’gier.


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