Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

Flame and ember

Et teto toyam lith vyn nolas cepap mpae Esero nia que’tia seo.

Let me serve with honor and peace what Balance there is to be.

My Mate has returned safe and sound from 4 days away. ~purrs~ For that I am very thankful. And even though my plans for the week didn’t come through I did enjoy parts of it. ~wry grin~ Now it is back to the life I’ve built. That is something that still amazes me. That I even have this life with my Mate and I’m not being pulled away from it. And there in lies my guilt.

Eventually I will have to let that guilt go and trust that my sister-soul is happy for me. Though I doubt that it will happen anytime soon. ~1/2 smile~  Right now I hold the guilt inside like a warm flame to nurture. I like it and love it though I’m sure at some point it will cease to be a flame and become an ember. I guess I’m just not ready for that yet.


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