Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much

See me through…

Let me serve with honor and peace, the Balance that is to be.

Let the Path I take this day be guided by the Dragons to where I am meant to stay.

By blood and soul may this be so.

So apparently the Bastard Teacher is not happy with my interference. Though I’m not sure I would call helping people interfering. ~shrugs~ But I suppose you could. Still I don’t plan on stopping. Mel and Sandy both need help just working through the problems. And don’t even get me starting on Vik’s issues. ~sighs~ Still BT did have one thing nice to say. That I would do well as a Teacher. ~smiles~ That would be an interesting job choice, but I don’t think I would be up to doing that forever.

Moving on though….my Mate is off next week to the valley for a management class. Leaving me on my own and free to drink. I just hope that I don’t over do it. With 3 days I doubt I will, but gods I hope I’m able to control it.


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