Living in a Dream

Sometimes I just think too much


Let me serve with honor and peace, the Balance that is to be.

Let the Path I take this day be guided by the Dragons to where I am meant to stay.

By blood and soul may this be so.

That Path may be a difficult one today. I have a class with a teacher who doesn’t teach. ~sighs~ And while his position may require that I give respect to him I’m not sure I can honor him. Nor can I encourage others to honor him or even respect him. This appeals to my dark nature…to undermine and trash talk him behind his back. To cause him more problems than he can solve. But since he seems disinterested in solving any…it is easier than it should be. ~wry grin~

Does that mean I shouldn’t try to be a bit more understanding of his ways?

Honestly, I think he can take a flying leap out of the sky before anything will sink in. But I will do my part in helping the others in the class who aren’t…able to deal with his ‘teaching’ style. That should serve Datar in the best way possible I think.  At least as far as I am able to with that bastard. ~chuckles~


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